The luck of Celine Dion fans hoping to catch the singer’s show in Las Vegas continues to be at a low ebb, as the diva announced the cancellation of dates in March and April due to a need to treat an ear condition, according to multiple outlets.

“My luck hasn’t been very good lately,” read a statement posted to the singer’s Facebook page announcing the cancellations. “I’ve been so looking forward to doing my shows again and this happens…. I just can’t believe it! I apologize to everyone who planned to travel to Las Vegas to see my show. I know how disappointing this is, and I’m so sorry.”

The canceled performances stretch from March 27 through April 18. She is expected to resume her regularly scheduled performances with a date on Tuesday, May 22.

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The tone struck in the note was understandably conciliatory – Dion has canceled a number of shows already in 2018, and complaints have already begun to bubble up by those who dropped big money to travel for the residency. Those who purchased tickets will be able to secure refunds for the performances, but travel expenses are an entirely separate issue.

The Facebook message announcing the canceled performances seems to be sensitive to that fact. “Please note that Celine, The Colosseum, AXS, Caesars Palace, and AEG Presents are not responsible for hotel, travel or other expenses related to the cancellation of this performance.”

Dion will undergo a “minimally invasive surgical procedure” to correct the issue, which the post says is Patulous Eustachian Tube, a condition which causes hearing irregularities – obviously an issue with someone singing in front of any audience. It had been treated with ear drops successfully for over a year, but a recent trend in those drops not working effectively necessitated the pause for the more comprehensive treatment, according to her announcement.