In this age of global TV networks and live streaming, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to watching our favorite sports. From Premier League soccer to the NFL to the Ryder Cup to the Olympics, there is the possibility to catch all the action, whether it is through free to air broadcasting, a monthly prescription or pay per view.

That’s well and good, but we all know deep down that there is really no substitute for being there. Devotees will go to great lengths to secure tickets to follow their teams, but as the following examples show, there are some occasions when dedication has to come close to the bounds of pure obsession. Here are some of the most coveted tickets in world sport.

The Super Bowl

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Super bowl tickets are notoriously expensive, and the ongoing lawsuit over pricing shows it is a topic that can get people hot under the collar. Tickets for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta are still available if you have $6,000 or so to spare, and premium ones are much more. That might sound like something that would demand a win on the Mega Millions or, in this online age, hitting the jackpot at LeoVegas Mobile Casino. However, it pales in comparison to Super Bowl XLVII, when ticket prices reached more than $300,000 from some third party vendors on the eve of the big game.

Formula One

The sights, sounds and smell of a Formula One race weekend are like nothing else, and it is impossible to truly appreciate the speed, handling and raw power through a television screen. Tickets for the showcase events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte Carlo or the British Grand Prix at Silverstone always sell out well in advance. But in recent years, the most coveted of all are for the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi. You can still get a ticket for this year’s event, and they come in at about $500 each. It might sound cheaper than the Super Bowl, but there is also the small matter of booking your flights and hotel.


We might think we are civilized, but there is something about two men at the peak of fitness going head to head that we just can’t resist. The biggest boxing matches are, perhaps, the biggest draw in sport. Need proof? Fans were so wrapped up in the super fight between Mayweather and McGregor last  year that ringside tickets were changing hands for six-figure sums, while it cost a cool $2,000 just to get in the door.

The FIFA World Cup

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Given the amounts that the likes or Ronaldo, Kane and Messi earn, you might think they would pay the fans to attend their games. It doesn’t work like that, though, and when it came to the biggest tournament of them all, tickets were like gold dust. Starting prices were around $400, but as the day drew closer, they were selling for more than $100,000. Ultimately, the lesson is an obvious one. If you want to attend the sporting event of your dreams, plan ahead and buy your ticket as early as possible.