Questions remain about the state of the MLB season, which is currently delayed until at least mid-May in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However, fans should not worry about missing any games just yet.

In a letter sent to their season ticket owners, the Chicago White Sox organization assured fans that no games have been cancelled and the league is developing a number of ways to proceed when the time is right.

“MLB is developing several contingency plans for the 2020 regular season schedule and will announce the impact on the schedule at an appropriate time with the goal of resuming normal operations as soon as possible,” wrote Jim Willits, White Sox Vice President of Sales and Services. “To date, no games have been canceled. Please hold on to your tickets until an official policy is announced. We are working through our approach to handling ticket issues with MLB and will communicate details to fans as they become available. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.”

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Willits went on to say that the White Sox is in continued collaboration with the MLB, plus local and federal officials, for determining plans for the upcoming season and that updates will be shared accordingly. He also added that the team’s front office is working from home for the time being.

The NBA and NHL seasons have also been affected by the pandemic and forced to suspend operations. However, both leagues had already completed a majority of their seasons and will have playoffs right around the corner should they resume their seasons within the next month or so. For the MLB, a more drastic approach may need to be taken.

There has been speculation as to whether the league will ultimately shorten the schedule by cutting games and keep the World Series in October as usual, or perhaps rely on double-headers to keep as many games on the schedule as possible.

For the White Sox in particular, one game fans don’t want to see escape the schedule is their anticipated Field of Dreams game against the Yankees. The August 13 battle will take place at an 8,000-seat stadium to be constructed on the Dyersville, Iowa farm where the 1989 baseball classic Field of Dreams was filmed. It will mark the MLB’s first game in the Hawkeye State.