WSOP had been gradually dripping its schedule for the 2020 tournament over the last few months, with the final schedule announced only recently. As all people who had been looking forward to book tickets for this event would know that it will be the 50th edition of World Series of Poker. The event has grown from only 7 players and one event in the year 1970 to something that is considered the Mecca of poker world today. It attracts hundreds of thousands of poker enthusiasts to Las Vegas each year.

That’s also the reason why everyone was worried if the tournament would go ahead as scheduled despite the Covid-19 scare. After all, it won’t have been wise to organise an event as big as WSOP when US is all set to become the main epicentre of this pandemic across the world. The organisers won’t be able to take any final decision regarding the event until May. As of now, they are hoping to go ahead with the event as scheduled in Rio Convention Centre, from May 26 July 15.

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Final WSOP 2020 schedule and registration changes

The World Series of Poker made an announcement related to its final schedule recently, bringing in certain changes to both the schedule as well as the registration process for WSOP 2020. Addressing the press via a media release, Ty Stewart, the WSOP executive director stated that there is no doubt that they will need to do an excellent job at getting people quickly into their seats, and making them complete their poker games in the fastest manner possible. They have looked at plenty of areas during the off-season and are committed to getting all possible resources, including people, equipment and technology, to complement their efforts for the 2020 WSOP.

One major improvement announced by WSOP has been about separation of the in-person pay-outs and registration processes. The event organisers will be adding more number of booths this time to expedite both these operations. WSOP has also been encouraging participants to open up their respective WSOP tournament accounts for easy online registration.

The venue will have 20 kiosks enabling players to swiftly and easily print their seat allocations. The online registration process is being managed with the help of a third party. It’s worth noting that 20% of all the player registrations in 2018 happen online, and they are hoping to bring that percentage up to around 80% this time. Stressing upon the importance of opening an online WSOP tournament account, Ty Stewart said that it’s a no-brainer for any player who takes part in at least two or more WSOP events each year.

Daniel Negreanu, the famous poker player talked about the current system and said that he has successfully used the new registration process and the self-serve kiosks to easily register for events he wanted to be a part of this summer. He was done with the kiosk task within a minute and could quickly head to his respective seat. WSOP also made an announcement that they are going to exclusively handle the registration related problems in the Belize Room this time.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons – by user BillDjango29