Super Bowl LV Ticket Buying Guide NFL Ticket Prices and Tips Super Bowl LV Ticket Buying Guide NFL Ticket Prices and Tips
This year, the NFL season continues to work out excellently as it almost reaches the last three weeks of the first rounds. It is... Super Bowl LV Ticket Buying Guide NFL Ticket Prices and Tips

This year, the NFL season continues to work out excellently as it almost reaches the last three weeks of the first rounds. It is now on its Week 11 Playoffs, and in a few more days, we’ll see who are the top seeds for each division and the wildcard picks. There are twelve teams to be bracketed in the Divisional match-ups, which will commence either late December or early January.

With this, the road to the Super Bowl LV finale will come more interesting. The Super Bowl LV will take place at Raymond James Stadium on February 7, 2020. While the NFL organization has not officially announced yet, it will allow up to 20% audience capacity in the said venue to take part in the Super Bowl finals.

According to, the NFL is planning to offer limited seating to its fans to attend the game. Since the venue will cut the number of spectators, the ticket prices can also rise to 50%. But, if you are an avid fan of the NFL and wanted to see how exciting the Super Bowl LV can be, you can check the current football teams who have the best odds by clicking here.

Here is the full ticket buying guide for the Super Bowl LV finals and some tips on cutting costs once you decide to purchase limited seating.

How Much Are Super Bowl LV Tickets?

Once the NFL organization releases news that tickets are available and the fans are up for limited seating, you must expect that the prices will skyrocket. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Super Bowl LV can be the most expensive NFL edition since its existence. According to one of the NFL’s leading ticket sellers, the price can range up to $2,000 to $5,000.

However, here is the list of estimated ticket prices you can expect once it will be on sale.

  • The cheapest ticket price might range up to $6,603.
  • The lowest price in the lower-level is around $7,183.
  • The average price for all available tickets can be $8,404.
  • The 72 Club single ticket is the most expensive one that can reach up to $30,053.
  • An 18-person suite ticket can cost up to $460,249.

Will Super Bowl LV Ticket Prices Go Down?

Since the world is still in a continuous battle for the COVID-19 pandemic and the NFL is one of the sporting events that faced a setback, ticket prices might not go down.

However, it still depends on the organization to work out things and provide reasonable prices to its fans. All you need to do is to wait for further news releases on the final prices list of Super Bowl LV tickets once the NFL does it.

Tips To Save Money In Buying Super Bowl LV Tickets

While the Super Bowl LV ticket prices are still in a fog, it’s important that you need to find the most practical ways on how to save money until the last minute. That said, here are some tips you can take heed of to get the right seat at the most reasonable price it should settle.

Market Monitoring

You must expect that the Super Bowl LV tickets can go more expensive as it inches a day closer to its date. So, the best time to get the ticket is the first day it will be available. However, before you click the purchase button, monitor every site that sells the ticket and finds the cheapest prices possible.

Quantity Tracking

Besides searching a site that offers the lowest price of the Super Bowl tickets, you should also know the quantity of each ticket per seating category. The more available seats, the lower price it carries. However, if you caught yourself getting the best seating place and few more slots remaining, the price is expected to become costly.

Download Super Bowl LV Ticket Seller App

With a tap on your mobile phone, you can download the most in-demand applications of Super Bowl LV ticket sellers. With this, you can monitor the prices and know if there is something reasonable you can purchase right away.


There are many reasons why the  Super Bowl LV finals this season is something that every football fan and bettor must not miss. First, it faced a setback due to the health crisis but had successfully started the 2020 campaign last September. Second, it will now hold the Divisional round of the tournament, which will serve as the Super Bowl LV road.

Finally, the NFL this year is eyeing a limited seating capacity to make sure that the Super Bowl LV Finale will still come worthy.  Thus, if you are a big fan of this sport and want to see yourself at the venue cheering for your favorite teams, consider the ticket prices above and some helpful guides on how you can purchase a cheaper yet fair Super Bowl LV pass.