Olympics organizers for the 2024 games in Paris, France, have announced that the lowest price category of tickets will be available for 24 euros, or $26.50 at the current exchange rate. The price will apply to an estimated 1 million of the 10 million tickets that are expected to be available for the event. Approximately half of the total number of tickets will be sold for 50 euros or less (approximately $55).

“This is something important for us,” Paris organizing committee president Tony Estanguet said. “This is a very strong promise to offer accessibility of everyone to Olympic sports.”

Hopes are high that the 2024 games in Paris, which are slated to open on July 26 and close on August 11 of next year, will have no restrictions on fan attendance including international fans, which would be a first since the 2018 games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Both the 2020 and 2022 Olympics saw their ticket sales in shambles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 Tokyo games were postponed by a year, and then played with no fans in attendance in 2021 due to the risk of virus transmission remaining high. The winter games held earlier this year in China saw similar restrictions on attendance due to the omicron variant that spiked cases just prior to their opening. Some fans were allowed, but only from within the country, and minimal in number. This was despite the International Olympic Committee having sounded alarms at the opening of the 2020 games (in 2021) that the continued absence of fans would be a financial catastrophe for the Beijing organizers.

The pricing plans for 2024 will make the base price for entry for all 32 sports lower than the minimum rate that was charged for the 2012 games in London, according to the Associated Press.

Tickets for the 2024 Olympics in Paris will begin to be made available in early 2023. According to the organizers’ website, fans interested in attending can submit their entry for a drawing that will take place at the end of 2022. Sales will begin for those multi-event packs of tickets in February of next year, with single-event tickets opening in May of next year. There will also be hospitality packages available through event partner On Location Experiences, but the details on the pricing and availability of those has not yet been announced. Fans interested in those options can sign up for updates on the On Location event website.

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