Spearheaded by a number of companies with ties to former Ticketmaster and current Oak View Group boss Irving Azoff, the “Fix The Tix” campaign was launched this week. The aims of the campaign have not yet been made specific, but it is clearly another effort by industry insiders to blame ticket resale and “bots” for the ever-increasing consumer anger over the current state of the ticketing business.

Still in something of a soft launch phase, the “Fix The Tix” group is looking for performers to sign on to support its mission, soliciting their management to submit their names to add to a list of supporters via a public google form.

“With representation from venues, promoters and producers, the performing arts, artists groups, recorded music, and independent ticketing companies, this coalition represents stakeholders who take on all the risk to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences and bring joy, employment, and economic impact to communities across America,” reads a description of the group at its launch.

“Collectively the coalition is urging to federal lawmakers to enact legislation that ends industry practices that hurt fans, artists, and venues and replaces the nightmare many fans, artists, and venues currently navigate with a fair and transparent ticketing experience.”

Groups signed on as part of the coalition include the National Independent Venue Association, DICE, See Tickets, Wasserman Music, and Universal Music Group. Notably absent are Live Nation Entertainment, AEG, or their ticketing companies Ticketmaster and AXS, though the messaging from “Fix The Tix” seems broadly similar to the Live Nation-backed “FAIR” ticketing reform package it is pushing.

Irving Azoff, who famously declared that “the show is over” for congressional action on behalf of the ticket-buying consumers after the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this year, is involved with several of the organizations signed on in support of the Fix The Tix campaign. He is a board member of the Black Music Action Coalition, as is his son Jeff Azoff. The Music Artists Coalition also features Jeff Azoff as a board member.

The Black Music Action Coalition and Music Artists Coalition, as well as Wasserman Music and Universal Music Group are also signed on in support of Live Nation Entertainment’s “FAIR” ticketing.

Fix The Tix has drafted a letter it plans to send to members of congress asking for reform in ticketing, which has been signed by “more than 30 artists” including Green Day, Lorde, Simon Le Bon, Roger Taylor, and The Cure’s Robert Smith according to a report in The Ticketing Business.

The letter mimics Live Nation’s campaign in its effort to pin the blame for all consumer ticketing issues on resale, rather than any behavior by the companies running the business itself.

“We are joining together to say that the current system is broken: scalpers and secondary platforms engage in predatory and deceptive ticketing practices to inflate ticket prices and deprive fans the chance to see their favorite artists at a fair price,” it says, in part.

“With respect, we, as artists, as music lovers, and as concert attendees ourselves, urge you to take action to combat scalpers’ predatory and deceptive ticketing practices and the secondary platforms who benefit from their greedy behavior.”

No specific goals are laid out in the letter, but it is clear that the campaign is at its core an effort to serve the same purpose that Live Nation’s campaign is – shifting blame away from failures in the current system brought on by concentrated market power and on to ticket resale as the source of all consumer ills.

Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Dave Clark