While some states may have an obvious favorite sports team, that’s not the case everywhere.

A new analysis from the gambling publisher CasinoReviews.net analyzed Google searches for 153 teams across the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS sports leagues, looking at the combined number of searches for each team name and nickname, as well as terms like “team name score” and “team name tickets.”

The analysis found that the Dallas Cowboys are the most searched-for sports team in the country. While the team topped searches in its home state of Texas, it also ranked first for New Mexico, Mississippi, and Arkansas. It was among the top five most searched for teams in 31 states, collecting nine million searches on average each month across the U.S. and solidifying their nickname as “America’s Team.”

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

The Philadelphia Phillies came in second among the most searched for sports teams in the nation, reaching six million monthly Google searches. While over 3.3 million of these searches were from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware also searched for the team the most.

New York fans stayed true to their beloved New York Yankees, earning the baseball team the third spot on the rankings. Each month, the 27-time World Series winners garners more than five million searches, including 1.53 million from its home state. The Yankees proved most popular in Connecticut and second in New York behind the Buffalo Bills.

States without a home sports team sided one way or another with nearby states; Maine searched for the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots the most, while Hawaii searched for the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. The Seattle Mariners topped the list for Idaho, and Wyoming sought out the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills.

NFL proved to be the most popular sport in the country, with 27 states searching for an NFL team the most. The MLB was most popular in 16 states, followed by the NBA in seven states. The MLS, despite its growing popularity, did not rank as the top league in any state.

“With the NFL season in full swing, it’s fascinating to see which teams are the most popular across the nation,” Nikoleta Kuncheva, project manager at CasinoReviews.net said, noting that football teams account for more than half (55%) of the 20 most popular teams.

See the top-five searched for teams in each state below, per CasinoReviews.net:

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The five most popular teams in each state

State Most popular team 2nd most popular team 3rd most popular team 4th most popular team 5th most popular team
Alabama Atlanta Braves Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors Philadelphia Eagles
Alaska Seattle Mariners Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
Arizona Phoenix Suns Arizona Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Dodgers
Arkansas Dallas Cowboys St. Louis Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors
California Los Angeles Dodgers Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers San Francisco 49ers San Diego Padres
Colorado Denver Nuggets Denver Broncos Colorado Avalanche Colorado Rockies Dallas Cowboys
Connecticut New York Yankees Boston Red Sox Boston Celtics New York Giants New England Patriots
Delaware Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Eagles Baltimore Orioles Dallas Cowboys Baltimore Ravens
Florida Miami Heat Miami Dolphins Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Buccaneers New York Yankees
Georgia Atlanta Braves Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Hawks Dallas Cowboys Atlanta United
Hawaii Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins
Idaho Seattle Mariners Dallas Cowboys Utah Jazz Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos
Illinois Chicago Bears Chicago Cubs Chicago Bulls St. Louis Cardinals Chicago White Sox
Indiana Indianapolis Colts Indiana Pacers Chicago Bears Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds
Iowa Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Chicago Cubs Kansas City Chiefs Chicago Bears
Kansas Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys Kansas City Royals Denver Broncos Buffalo Bills
Kentucky Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Reds Dallas Cowboys St. Louis Cardinals Los Angeles Lakers
Louisiana New Orleans Saints New Orleans Pelicans Dallas Cowboys Houston Astros Los Angeles Lakers
Maine Boston Red Sox New England Patriots Boston Celtics Boston Bruins New York Yankees
Maryland Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Ravens Washington Commanders Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles
Massachusetts Boston Celtics New England Patriots Boston Bruins Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Michigan Detroit Lions Detroit Tigers Detroit Red Wings Detroit Pistons Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Twins Minnesota Wild Minnesota Timberwolves Green Bay Packers
Mississippi Dallas Cowboys New Orleans Saints Atlanta Braves Memphis Grizzlies Los Angeles Lakers
Missouri St. Louis Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Blues Dallas Cowboys
Montana Denver Broncos Minnesota Vikings Seattle Mariners Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers
Nebraska Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers
Nevada Vegas Golden Knights Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Dodgers Dallas Cowboys
New Hampshire New England Patriots Boston Bruins Boston Celtics Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New Jersey Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees Philadelphia Eagles New York Mets New York Giants
New Mexico Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders Philadelphia Eagles San Francisco 49ers
New York Buffalo Bills New York Yankees New York Mets New York Knicks New York Giants
North Carolina Carolina Panthers Atlanta Braves Carolina Hurricanes Dallas Cowboys Charlotte Hornets
North Dakota Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Twins Minnesota Wild Green Bay Packers Dallas Cowboys
Ohio Cleveland Browns Cleveland Guardians Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Cavaliers Cincinnati Reds
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder Dallas Cowboys Kansas City Chiefs Texas Rangers Los Angeles Lakers
Oregon Portland Trail Blazers Seattle Mariners Portland Timbers Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Penguins
Rhode Island New England Patriots Boston Celtics Boston Red Sox Boston Bruins New York Yankees
South Carolina Atlanta Braves Dallas Cowboys Carolina Panthers Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers
South Dakota Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Twins Green Bay Packers Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys
Tennessee Tennessee Titans Atlanta Braves Memphis Grizzlies Dallas Cowboys Nashville Predators
Texas Dallas Cowboys Houston Astros Texas Rangers Dallas Mavericks Houston Texans
Utah Utah Jazz Real Salt Lake Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Los Angeles Lakers
Vermont Boston Red Sox Boston Celtics Boston Bruins New England Patriots New York Yankees
Virginia Washington Commanders Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Washington Nationals Pittsburgh Steelers
Washington Seattle Mariners Seattle Seahawks Seattle Kraken Denver Broncos Seattle Sounders
West Virginia Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Pirates Dallas Cowboys Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Browns
Wisconsin Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota Vikings Chicago Bears
Wyoming Denver Broncos Buffalo Bills Denver Nuggets Dallas Cowboys Colorado Rockies