Taylor Swift just took over Anfield Stadium for a round of shows in Liverpool as a part of her Eras World Tour, but a handful of ticketholders were unable to see the concert due to a glitch where Ticketmaster appeared to have oversold tickets.

During the gig on Friday, one attendee named Jessica posted a video to TikTok, telling her followers that although she was outside the stadium and had tickets, she was being denied entry because “apparently Ticketmaster have sold double tickets.”

“We’ve missed a lot of the first songs and there’s a lot of people ahead of us who’ve got the same issue who are crying right now,” Jessica continued. “It’s not good. What a joke.”

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The video, which has now amassed over 2 million views, was flooded with comments. Other attendees said they had the same issue, and while others suggested remedies to fix the problem, Jessica responded that the ticketer doubled-up on sales and their seats were gone. In a follow-up video, Jessica said that about 70 people were in the same boat at the stadium — and they had all purchased tickets directly from Ticketmaster.

“This is a Ticketmaster issue here,” she said.

Jessica isn’t alone; another woman, Natalie Bavis, told ECHO she bought tickets for the Anfield Show that were sold as having a “bad view.” Bavis and her three friends’ disappointment quickly turned to excitement after they realized their seats were next to the walkway, giving them a good behind-the-scenes view of the stage.

However, just 48 hours before the show, Bavis received an email from Ticketmaster noting that her seats were moved to “offer a clearer view of the stage” after “a few changes to the seating configuration of the event.” Now, after “making peace” with their tickets, the ticketer moved their seats.

“[Ticketmaster] didn’t give us any justification,” Bavis said. “We’ve been moved to the complete opposite end of the stadium. They were quite rubbish seats anyway but they were near the walkway so you can see a bit of the scenes at the gig.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened to the Swift fan, either; when Bavis saw Swift during her Reputation Tour in 2018, her tickets were also relocated from seats near the front to seats placed several blocks further by Ticketmaster due to “stadium problems.”

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“We’re really disappointed,” she told the publication. “It just gives you a bad opinion of Ticketmaster.”

A Ticketmaster spokesperson told ECHO: “We can assure Natalie that her new seats are much better with a clearer view of the stage.”

Ticketmaster has been under fire over the past month after it became the target of an antitrust lawsuit alongside its parent company Live Nation for its alleged monopolistic business practices. Additionally, the ticketing giant suffered a data breach, where the personal data of more than half a billion consumers were up for sale on the dark web — leading to a class action.