Last Updated – September 2010
This text serves as the official community policy for users of and its affiliated social networks. The “Community Guideline” is an addendum to the official Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for, and does not supersede any user rights or site policies set forth within those documents.

If you have a question specific to User Accounts and/or commenting features on that is not addressed in this guideline or the other official site policies, please contact [email protected]. General site inquiries can be directed to the TicketNews editorial board at [email protected].

The Community Guideline will address:

User Accounts


It is the goal of TicketNews to foster and promote relevant, respectful and diverse discussions both on and within our affiliated social networking communities. As a result, requires users to log-in or register for a free User Account before commenting to ensure greater user accountability for any and all user-generated content.

User Accounts & Site Access

Except for commenting features, all basic levels of content on are free and open to the public. All site visitors are welcome to register for a User Account. Basic User Accounts are free, but require a valid e-mail address for activation.

With your User Account, you gain the ability to:

      • Create a user profile
      • Comment on articles
      • Receive notification of new comments on a thread
      • Follow recent comments by other users
    • Tag your favorite TicketNews articles or topics

Create a new user account.

Log in to an existing account.

Accounts linked to suspected spammers, trolls or those exhibiting trollish or otherwise provoking behavior may be deactivated without warning. If you believe your account has been mistakenly deactivated, please contact [email protected].

Accounts: Public Information

Once a user has registered an account with TicketNews, a User Profile is created on the site. This profile is visible only to other logged-in users. By default, the profile displays only the registered username and the amount of time that individual has been a member of the site.

Users may add a geographical location, personal/business Web site URL, and/or a customized profile picture to display on their profile under the “Settings” section of “Profile.” Any profile information provided by the user must meet provided specifications and follow site policy for user-provided content set forth within the Terms of Service.

Accounts: Private Information

E-mail addresses and real names used in the registration process are never shared publicly. This information is only used to verify the User Account and to contact the user if he/she signs up to receive e-mail notifications or requests a new password.

Any user can change his/her listed e-mail address and account password under the “Settings” section of “Profile.” Notification settings for e-mail also can be adjusted in this section of the account profile.

The “Comments” feature is provided as a service to TicketNews’ readers and is designated as a section where users can voice their opinions about an article. It is not meant to be utilized as a general discussion board, and users are asked to please stay on-topic. Off-topic comments or threads may be subject to moderation.

Inappropriate Content

Comments and/or other posted content should not contain or link to inappropriate material. Examples of inappropriate content include, but are not limited to: obscenities; libelous or defamatory language; hate speech; solicitations, promotions or advertisements; the contact information (e-mail, phone, address) of another individual; and/or language that could be perceived as threatening, harassing, or pornographic in nature.

Users are asked to remain conscious of and respectful to their fellow community members, and to avoid inappropriate language and uncivil tones of conversation.

Content Ownership & Responsibility

User-generated content is the sole responsibility of the users. TicketNews is not responsible for the content posted by users on or on any affiliated social networking platform or community.

Content submitted to or posted on must be the work and/or property of the originating user. Users should not quote or submit the work of another individual, organization or source without proper attribution and permission.

Staff Comments

Comments made by official TicketNews staff members are designated as such with an orange “TicketNews Staff” header. If another user is posing as TicketNews staff or you suspect other misuse, please notify [email protected].

The TicketNews editorial and legal staff reserves the right (but is not obligated) to review, screen, delete, or edit user-generated content on

Designated TicketNews staff members serve as moderators for the “Comments” section on the site and the public forums in the site’s affiliated social networks. These moderators reserve the right to delete, edit or otherwise moderate posts that are identified as inappropriate according to this and other official site guidelines and policies.

Violation of Policies

Users found to be in repeat violation of TicketNews’ community rules, terms of service and/or privacy policy may be indefinitely blocked from commenting. If you believe your account has been mistakenly blocked from commenting, please contact [email protected].

TicketNew reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. Policy changes and updates will be posted on this page. Continued use of the site after policy changes have been posted indicates user acceptance of the updated policy.

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