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Allison Reitz has been the publisher for TicketNews since September 2009.

She is dedicated to the future development and growth of the site and hopes to provide the best service and most up-to-date ticket industry news for its readers. Allison follows the trends within the concert industry and their impact on the world of ticketing, and is a regular attendee of industry events and conferences.

Allison joined the TicketNews team as Concert & Tour Editor in July 2008. At the time, she was a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where she received her undergraduate degree in English – Writing, Communication, and Rhetoric. While pursuing her degree, Allison dedicated most of her spare time to the university’s student-run newspaper and non-commercial radio station, while also working part-time as an editorial and production intern at a local publishing company.

Allison encourages TicketNews readers and subscribers to submit ideas for site development and article leads. “The involvement of the greater TicketNews community is integral to the future growth of the site,” she explains. “The more our readers share their suggestions, concerns, complaints, and other feedback, the better we can serve them.”