Mobile-Only Entry Fails Fans at Houston Garth Brooks Concert
A typo in an email and a myriad of failures in the mobile-only ticketing system conspired to turn a Garth Brooks concert at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo into a bit of a nightmare for fans this week, according to numerous reports. Rodeo officials apologized following the debacle,... Read more
Consumers, Brokers Wait in Lurch Following RazorGator Implosion
It appears that rumors of RazorGator’s demise were not exaggerated, even a little bit, as the ticket marketplace has entered what is being referred to as a “formal insolvency process” and has closed up shop. Where that leaves consumers who have purchased tickets to events from RazorGator that have... Read more
Dallas Cowboys, SeatGeek Enter Primary Ticketing Partnership
SeatGeek has expanded its operations in the NFL world, as word of a partnership with the Dallas Cowboys hit the news late on Tuesday. As part of the deal, the team will receive a 15 percent equity stake in SeatGeek, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell (and several other outlets). The... Read more
Reports: RazorGator Ceases Payments to Brokers, Shuts Doors
RazorGator has reportedly been missing payments to brokers for tickets sold on its marketplace, and may have suddenly ceased operations, according to Dave Brooks of Amplify and Billboard. Brooks tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that he stopped by the company’s southern California headquarters, only to be informed that they were... Read more
Opinion: The Myth of “Face Value” in Event Tickets
The Canadian government sued Ticketmaster this past month alleging misleading ticket price advertising. The government found in its investigation that Ticketmaster’s mandatory fees often inflate the advertised price by more than 20% and, in some cases, by over 65%. It’s a case worth taking a close look at because... Read more
Pearl Jam Fans in Montana Face Glitch Requiring Purchase of Extra Tickets
Pearl Jam fans reportedly didn’t have a pleasant go of it in the onsale process for tickets to see the band on its summer stops in Seattle, Mizzoula Montana, Chicago and Boston. There was the predictable unpleasantness of the Verified Fan process for those who didn’t get into the... Read more
Amazon Ticketing Reportedly Shutting Down in UK; Will New Model Emerge?
Amazon Ticketing is shutting its doors, as its UK operations are reportedly ceasing, months after the company abandoned efforts to break into the United States market. Multiple outlets are reporting that its UK management informed partners that it would soon be shutting down. IQ reports that James Moore, the... Read more
Irish Government Reportedly Set to Ban Above Face-Value Resale
Ireland’s government is reportedly set to back legislation that would outlaw ticket resale at any price greater than face value, backing the Prohibition of Above-Cost Ticket Touting Bill brought in January 2017 by MP’s Noel Rock and Stephen Donnelly. “This will change mindsets,” Donnelly told the Irish Examiner. “Anyone... Read more
Pearl Jam Verified Fan Presale Goes Predictably Poorly for Fans
The first thing we thought of when we heard word a while back that tickets for Pearl Jam’s 2018 summer tour would be distributed using Ticketmaster much touted “Verified Fan” system was pretty simple: This probably won’t end well. It would appear that our prediction wasn’t far off, as... Read more
Ticketforce Signs Ticketing Deal With Wyoming’s Sheridan Rodeo
Gilbert, AZ (February 15, 2018) – One of Wyoming’s most foremost rodeos, Sheridan WYO, has officially made the switch to the TicketForce platform, the leader in rodeo ticketing. Since 1931, the rodeo has consistently brought out top talent, with purses to match. Eighty years later, the rodeo is now... Read more