When it comes to sports history, no sport has a history quite like baseball. Great players from the early 1900’s are still known by all baseball fans today, great moments still talked about and records still be broken. People in the U.S. are most familiar with Major League Baseball, which was founded in 1876, but as the years have past, baseball leagues have continued to emerge around the world. Baseball has long been referred to as “America’s Pastime”, has become the world’s game.

And that is evident, whenever you buy a ticket to see a baseball game. Players from around the world fill the rosters of Major League teams, and will continue to for as long as the game goes on. Baseball has recently capitalized on the growing popularity of the sport around the world with the implementation of the World Baseball Classic, or WBC. Teams representing countries battle it out to see whose country has the best players. Though still in its infancy, the WBC is becoming a popular event among baseball purists.

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