TicketNews Weekly announces Top 10’s and analyses for the week of 11/28/06 – 12/04/06. TOP 10 EVENTS Event This Week Last Week Wicked 1...

TicketNews Weekly announces Top 10’s and analyses for the week of 11/28/06 – 12/04/06.

              TOP 10 EVENTS

       Event       This Week   Last Week

Wicked                 1           1
BCS Champ. Game        2           3
Radio City Christmas   3           2
Allstate Sugar Bowl    4         n/a
Eric Clapton           5          16
High School Musical    6           4
Jersey Boys            7           6
Bob Seger              8           5
Rod Stewart            9          14
Lion King             10           9

--  This week's major movers were the Allstate Sugar Bowl, Eric Clapton
    and Rod Stewart.
--  Expect more bowl games to find a spot in the top 10 from now until the
    beginning of January. Outside of the BCS championship, Rose, Orange, Sugar,
    and Cotton expect big sales from Fiesta, Capital One, and Gator Bowls.
--  Bob Seger's ticket sales have probably peaked. Initial demand was
    high, but is now tapering off.
           TOP 10 SPORTS EVENTS

       Event       This Week   Last Week

BCS Champ. Game         1          1
Allstate Sugar Bowl     2        n/a
Chick-fil-a Bowl        3         72
Dallas Cowboys          4          3
Alamo Bowl              5         74
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl    6         21
New York Giants         7          3
Miami Dolphins          8         11
San Diego Chargers      9          7
Cotton Bowl            10        n/a

--  Bowl games should dominate the charts for the next two weeks before the
    NFL comes back strong with playoffs beginning in January.
--  Playoff contenders typically sell strong down the stretch. Expect good
    sales from the following teams on the playoff bubble:
            AFC - Jets, Bengals, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Broncos
                  (all 7-5 records)
            NFC - Panthers, Giants, Falcons, Eagles, Vikings, 49ers, and
                  Seahawks (all within 2 games of each other)

           TOP 10 THEATRE EVENTS

       Event       This Week   Last Week

Wicked                  1          1
Radio City Christmas    2          2
Jersey Boys             3          3
Lion King               4          4
Mary Poppins            5          5
M. Python's Spamalot    6          6
Nutcracker              7          8
Phantom of the Opera    8          9
Grinch Stole Christmas  9          7
Blue Man Group         10         14

--  Theatre events rankings typically remain the most steady. This week is
    no exception. "Wicked" keeps the 1 spot for yet another week. As it
    continues to move to small markets expect "Wicked" sales to remain

           TOP 10 CONCERT EVENTS

       Event       This Week   Last Week

Eric Clapton            1          8
High School Musical     2          1
Bob Seger               3          2
Rod Stewart             4          6
Mana                    5         17
George Strait           6          9
Josh Groban             7          3
Trans Siberian Orch     8          4
The Cheetah Girls       9          5
Billy Joel             10         21

--  Classic rockers still put fans in seats at shocking rates and prices.
    Clapton, Seger, Stewart, and Joel ticket sales continue to do well.
    Mana, a Mexican rock group, is this week's big surprise jump. Expect
    their sales to do well in the coming weeks.

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