By Bob Stein

This summer’s concert lineup has had many fans buzzing about the reunion of a few musical groups who dominated the 1980’s music and MTV scenes. These are not your run of the mill reunions, these concert tours have at least one major thing going for them. They are all supped-up versions of solid box office draws.

The Police disbanded in the mid-80’s while at the height of their musical success. Relations within the band had grown sour. Sting wished to explore different styles of music. Through his albums and touring, Sting has become a consistent box office draw ever since. The excitement surrounding the surprise announcement that The Police will reform has lead to the most highly anticipated concert tour of the new century. These shows can’t miss.

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Next up is Van Halen. Van Halen sold more than 10 million copies of their album “1984” before splitting with flamboyant lead vocalist David Lee Roth in early 1985. Sammy Hagar, and later, Gary Cherone filled in for lead vocals on successful tours. Sammy Hagar rejoined the band for a brief 2004 reunion tour, but this forecoming reunion tour with David Lee Roth is the show every Halenhead has been wanting to see since 1996 if not before. 1996 was when Dave rejoined and was kicked out the band after recording two songs for a greatest hits package and a disastrous MTV appearance.

Last, but not least, is the Genesis reunion. Although the band toyed with the idea of reuniting with ex-front man Peter Gabriel, it was determined that fans really wanted to see the later version of Genesis guided by Phil Collins and remembered by fans who grew up on MTV videos. Phil Collins can still pack the baby boomer crowd into his shows, but with the latest updates in concert sound and visual technology, these shows will be in the top 10 at the end of the year.

If that is not enough reunion fervor for you, word just in that the 80’s band Wham! will be returning to the studio and perhaps touring later this year.

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