By Carol-Ann Rudy

“We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunity.” For Pogo fans (circa 1973!) and Barry Bonds fans, this may describe the hiatus that Bonds finds himself in at the moment. It’s been nine days since his last home run. It may be insignificant, but one has to wonder if he’s getting tired–or his boundless belief in himself and his ability is foundering.

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Looking at recent games, he’s hit balls, been walked, and has done his job. The big draw for the Giants, however, is the likelihood that he’ll match and break Hank Aaron’s career home run record. Other younger players are coming along who will certainly break that record one day, but it’s Bonds’ goal to do it before them . . .

For comparison’s sake, Aaron finished his career with 2,297 runs batted in (RBIs); Bonds at this point, so close to matching Aaron’s record, has more than 1,951. Aaron had 12,364 times at bat; Bonds has 9,595. This may not be a fair comparison, but it suggests that Bonds has room to match and break the tie, even if it doesn’t happen by’s new projected date of June 23, 2007.

Like Babe Ruth, Bonds is 6’2″, although Bonds is a little heavier at 230 lbs. Like the Babe, Bonds bats left and throws left. Incidentally, Babe Ruth’s record at the end of his career was 2,213 RBIs. Needless to say, he’s got both Aaron and Bonds beat.

What may be insurmountable for Bonds is a victory in the court of public opinion. advertisement