Case dismissed. Michael Freedman, a Bakersfield, CA father and realtor, went before television magistrate Judge Joe Brown claiming he was scammed by ticket broker Pete Kennedy over some tickets to a Wiggles concert. What happened next? Well, let’s just say he didn’t receive the justice he sought. . . .

The segment that Freedman and Kennedy filmed for the syndicated courtroom show aired yesterday, but the outcome never appeared to be in question. Freedman presented his case in such a confusing fashion that at one point he admitting he had bought scalped tickets, a misdemeanor, from a friend in order to enter the concert. He even tried to play on Judge Brown’s sympathies by showing a picture of his two-year-old child, but the gruff judge was having none of it.

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Kennedy barely had to speak in his defense as the plaintiff dug his own hole.

“You mean to tell me that someone bought three tickets, xeroxed them and tried to sell them?” an incredulous Judge Brown asked Freedman, who claimed Kennedy copied the tickets and double sold them. “Why would he do that since it’s got his code as the particular agent on here that’s traceable back to him?”

Freedman’s response? That times are tough. “That’s not the point!” Judge Brown shot back, but by then the case was virtually over because Freedman had riled up the judge.

Kennedy never even had to wiggle out of anything.