By Stacey Willets releases its exclusive weekly Top Ten List today, and the results may surprise you.

If you expected that the Kentucky Derby would be one of the events of the week, you’re betting on the wrong horse. While next weekend’s Oscar De La Hoya fight ranks in the top three overall events, the upcoming Derby doesn’t even make that chart. Veteran rockers Rush drop out of the Top Events four weeks after tickets went on sale, and Josh Groban comes out of nowhere to seize the number five spot . . .

The Golden State Warriors, while renowned as the hottest team in the NBA right now, disappear from the Top Sports chart. In fact, the NBA playoffs appear only once in the lineup in the form of the Denver Nuggets. The New York Rangers similarly claim the only spot for the NHL playoffs. Major league baseball, however, hogs half the rankings, barely leaving room for the Kentucky Derby, which makes it onto the bottom of the chart.

The Top Theatre rankings look fairly consistent. Spamalot is up slightly this week on both charts. Legally Blonde, amidst favorable press, makes a leap halfway up the Broadway chart.

Josh Groban is the talk of the Top Concerts chart, shooting past top-sellers Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews Band, The Police, and Kenny Chesney to take the number one position. Tool creeps upwards while Rush takes a dive.

Vegas, per usual, is unpredictable. Only consistent chart-topper Celine Dion remains in the same place. Beyond number one is the typical shuffle of events.

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