You could say Britney Spears showed her true colors. Part of the bad press “troika” with Lindsay and Paris, Spears has another fine mess on her hands.

Published reports say the troubled singer won’t be using Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors’ (see tickets) L.A. stop Saturday to mount a comeback, because she’s cancelled her appearance supposedly because she wanted to lip-sync her hits.

Spears was scheduled to perform with Erasure, Deborah Harry, The Dresden Dolls and The MisShapes with Jeffree Star, but allegedly cancelled the appearance because she refused to sing live. . . According to the British newspaper The Sun,, a source was quoted as saying “Britney said she’d only lip-sync but to work with Cyndi, you have to perform.”

To be fair, Spears never officially confirmed she was going to be in the tour line-up, but her choreographer Misha Gabriel recently told that the singer would perform a song at the Greek Theatre concert. Lip-syncing is nothing new for Spears, who last performed a few weeks ago, when she mimed through a couple of short concerts.

Last Updated on March 17, 2009