By Seth Olson

With so many rumors about what Paris Hilton is planning to do after her stint in the big house is over (scheduled release is June, 25, 2007), we figure why not add our own gossip?

So far, it has been reported in the tabloids that Paris is going to “join a religious movement”, “adopt less fortunate children”, “visit soldiers in Iraq”, and “stop pretending to be so dumb”. Perhaps all this recent turmoil will inspire her to write some soul wrenching lyrics and record a new telling CD. One never knows, but we all anxiously await the next nail biting chapter in the life of Paris Hilton. . .

Paris Hilton The Recording artist
Hilton founded Heiress Records, a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records, in 2004. She released her self-titled debut album, Paris, under the Heiress Records label on August 22, 2006. Although the album reached number six on the Billboard 200 for a week, its total sales volume has been low. Producers for Paris included Greg Wells, Kara DioGuardi, Jane Wiedlin and Scott Storch.
Hilton collaborated with Fat Joe and Jadakiss on the song “Fighting Over Me.” The first single from Paris, “Stars Are Blind,” produced by Fernando Garibay, was released for download on June 20, 2006 and peaked at number eighteen on the Billboard Hot 100; “Turn It Up” and “Nothing in This World” followed as worldwide singles. While All Music Guide commented that the album was “more fun than anything released by Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, and a lot fresher, too,” critical reception as a whole was mixed.

In August 2006, it was revealed that artists Banksy and Danger Mouse replaced 500 copies of Hilton’s debut album in various UK record stores with their own album—featuring parody remixes, revised cover art, and reworded liner notes that included topless photos of Hilton defaced with various ironic slogans.

As of June 2007, Heiress Records’ only release has been Paris, though Hilton has said that she plans to sign new artists in the future.

Paris Hilton Restraining order
On March 8, 2006, Brian Quintana, an event producer, was granted a three-year restraining order against Hilton after he testified that she harassed and threatened him.

Hilton was required to begin her jail term on June 5, 2007, or risk a doubling of her sentence. On June 3, 2007, after attending the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, Hilton checked herself into the Men’s Central Jail of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles at 11:38 pm PDT. From there, Hilton was transferred by authorities to a special section “reserved for police officers, public officials, celebrities and other high-profile inmates” within the Century Regional Detention Facility, an all female jail in Lynwood. Hilton was given the inmate booking number 9818783. With credit for good behavior, it was anticipated that Hilton would only serve 23 days of her 45 day sentence.

In an unexpected turn of events, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca signed orders on the morning of June 7, reassigning Hilton to 40 days of home confinement with an electronic monitoring device due to an unspecified medical condition. Sheriff Baca commented on the release saying, “My message to those who don’t like celebrities is that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice.”
According to Baca, under normal circumstances, Hilton would not have served any time in jail, and he added that “The special treatment, in a sense, appears to be because of her celebrity status … She got more time in jail”.

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The same day Paris was released from jail, Judge Michael Sauer ordered Hilton to reappear back in his court the following morning (June 8). At the hearing he declined to be briefed by Hilton’s attorney in private chambers on the nature of her condition and sent her back to jail to serve out her original 45-day sentence. Upon hearing the sentence, Hilton shouted, “It’s not right!” and started screaming requesting to hug her mother, who was present in the courtroom. She was then escorted out. Concern about Hilton’s condition has led to her being moved to the medical wing of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. On June 13 Hilton was moved back to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood due to improvements in her condition. Hilton is scheduled to be released June 25, 2007.

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