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Internet traffic figures compiled by ComScore Media Metrix show that TicketsNow is losing traction to its competitors, with StubHub taking a commanding lead. Those figures don’t necessarily translate into revenue, however.

The four competitors Mulpuru (Sucharita Mulpuru, an analyst who covers the industry for Forrester Research), said are battling for the top spot in the market — Razor Gator, StubHub, Ticketliquidator (www.TicketLiquidator.com) and TicketsNow — have made the space interesting to watch as they try to differentiate themselves. . .

TicketsNow, for instance, is trying to “create more of an event experience,” she said. They are marketing an “end-to-end experience, from arranging for transportation to your house to get to an event” and including dinner reservations. “Even a hotel reservation to make a weekend of it,” she added.

That’s one area where Rosner’s hospitality industry background could play a role.

“I’m a brand builder,” she said. “My skill set lends itself very well to where Mike wants to take this company.”

Over the past year, Domek has used outside capital to rebuild TicketNow’s Web site to incorporate user-generated content, including reviews and photos of an evening on the town from consumers who bought the tickets.

Now, the company wants to make sure “the public understands what differentiates us” from competitors, Domek said. (Full Story)

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Last Updated on June 6, 2007

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