The New York Mets and Yankees are the hottest ticket in baseball, and not just when they face each other. Together, they might make New York the first city to draw 8 million fans in a season.

The sold-out, three-game series at Yankee Stadium, which begins tonight, is the best-selling series on EBay Inc.’s StubHub. Fans are reselling tickets on the Web site for as much as $1,500 each. It’s outselling the other intracity series between the Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers this weekend, as well as the other 13 matchups in Major League Baseball. . .

“The New York sports fan has just an unbelievable devotion for their teams and wants to be there,” said StubHub spokesman Sean Pate. “They are much less casual than the rest of the country.”

That devotion has the Mets and Yankees predicting they’ll reach 4 million fans apiece this season, a feat only accomplished six times before. (Full Story)

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