By Carol-Ann Rudy

It was the San Francisco Giants’ victory against the Florida Marlins this past Friday night in the Giants’ home AT&T Park. The score: 12—10. But it was also Barry Bonds’ victory against pitcher Rick Vanden Hurk. The fans in the stands might have been seen to hold their accumulated breath when he hit No. 754 of his career home runs, coming within one home run to tie Henry Aaron’s record of 755. Certainly, the tumultuous cheers of the hometown fans expressed their support for him. Bonds raised and pumped his fist as he trotted the bases, watching the ball soar 420 feet into the seats in the stadium. This latest home run came in the bottom of the first inning. On his next four appearances at the plate, he was walked.

Did he repeat the feat on Saturday and Sunday against the Marlins to tie the record? No such luck, and there’s a loud hue and cry against his matching the record because of the cloud of suspicion of steroid use hanging over his head.

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Commissioner Bud Selig has taken a courteous tone in regard to Bonds’ likely tiebreaker. He couldn’t attend the game on Friday but sent the MLB CEO Bob DuPuy in his stead. Selig had to prepare to be at the Hall of Fame induction Sunday of Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken in Cooperstown, N.Y. Check out AP Sprots Writer’s column about the event at

Bonds’ next opportunity to accomplish the record-breaking tie in the Giants’ home park will be on August 6th – 9th against the Washington Nationals.

Tonight, Monday, the team takes a well-earned rest. Tuesday, they play three away games against the Los Angeles Dodgers followed by two games against the San Diego Padres before returning to San Francisco.