By Seth Olson

The hits keep coming for Michael Vick: The NFL and the Falcons may ask him to sit out the 2007 season.

Michael Vick and three others were charged on July 17 with competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting the enterprise across state lines.

The players union is hopeful that Vick will be offered a guarantee of his $6 million base salary for 2007 if he decides to voluntarily sit out the entire season. . .
Within days, the allegations were drawing widespread comments of public criticism, expressions of outrage, extraordinary statements by members of the U.S. Congress, protests by animal rights groups, and demands that NFL and Atlanta Falcons officials take immediate action pending the outcome in court. Nike, Inc. announced it was suspending the release of the Zoom Vick V, a new line of shoes.

Vick rose from a youth living in a public housing project to become one of the highest paid NFL players, as well as earning lucrative commercial product endorsements. In Virginia and Georgia, he has been involved in charitable activities, especially those which benefit economically-disadvantaged youth such as after-school programs, football camps, and the Boys and Girls Clubs. In 2006, he joined his mother and brother in forming the Vick Foundation.

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