In describing what changes have already been made for soccer superstar David Beckham’s pending arrival to the Los Angeles Galaxy, The Los Angeles Daily News shows just how deep his impact will be.

Carson’s Home Depot Center boasts a newly-carved hole in its wall complete with red carpet for celebrity patrons willing to shell out $50 on valet parking, just steps from their luxury suite.

Deep below the stadium is The Underground, a new invitation-only club for the young, hip and soccer-savvy who sit in exclusive field-side seats ($500 apiece for David Beckham’s expected first game July 21 against England’s Chelsea).

And travel plans have a smartly attiredthe Galaxy squad clad in matching suits, with players rotating to fly first class next to David Beckham for the sake of team unity.

A brave new world for Los Angeles soccer fans, the Galaxy and soccer in general, begins 10 a.m. Friday when Brit hero Beckham is introduced for the first time as an MLS player.

And that will set the tone.

Hundreds of media from around the globe are expected, the Galaxy’s 10,000 season ticket holders have been invited and the event is live on FSN Prime Ticket.

Expect things to only get more frenzied and hyperbolic from there.

Leave aside for the moment there are still people in Southern California who still don’t know Beckham from a Beck’s beer and ham.

Forget that what we’re getting is an aging, increasingly injury-proneathlete who by this time in his career may be largely a one-trick pony reliant on a still uncanny ability from in dead-ball situations.
And put to one side the fact that Becks and pop star wife, Victoria, have hitched their celebrity wagon to the world’s best-known scientologist, Tom Cruise, as well as actress wife Katie Holmes, an eccentric couple whose own stars may be on the wane.

None of that really matters.

None of that matters because Becks is a unique combination of fashion plate, pop-culture star, gay icon and non-threatening blond-boy-next-door complete with charming English accent.

By Nick Green; Full Story

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