Story by: Kevin Kampwirth

Next week’s special session of the General Assembly in Missouri will include an item that seeks to repeal the state’s law that currently holds ticket scalping as illegal. Adding a unique twist to the issue is that Andy Blunt, the brother of Republican Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, is a lobbyist for Ticketmaster, which has strong interests in the decision because an annulment of the law will allow them to resell tickets online. . .

Missouri Democrats have accused Blunt of directly trying to benefit his brother, but Ticketmaster spokespeople are claiming that repeal is supported by many Missouri organizations with direct financial claim to the issue—including the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues—and that while Andy Blunt represents Ticketmaster in lobbying members of Congress, he does not deal with the executive branch.

Ticket scalping has become even more of a hot button issue in recent years with the increased proliferation of online ticket brokers—which obtain a large volume of tickets to an event and typically sell them for upwards of 10 times the face value—and other second market vehicles such as eBay, through which tickets are awarded to the highest bidder. . .


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