They say don’t mess with Texas, well add Faith Hill to the list.

During a concert over the weekend in Lafayette, LA at the Cajundome, a rowdy female fan received a tongue-lashing from the singer after the woman grabbed the crotch of Tim McGraw, Hill’s husband and co-headliner on the hugely successful Soul2Soul tour.

Hill reportedly responded, “Someone needs to teach you some class, my friend,” and then berated and wagged her finger at the woman. On Louisiana’s 99.9FM KTDY, listeners overwhelmingly called in to support Hill. The fan grabbed McGraw as the singer walked past a barricade to greet people in the audience. . .

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The incident was recorded and the video was posted on YouTube within hours after the event.

This isn’t the first time Hill has been in the midst of controversy. In 2006, she apologized for an incident in the Country Music Awards, where she was observed backstage throwing up her hands and yelling when an award was presented to her rival Carrie Underwood.