The USC Athletic Department announced today the launch of a new digital ticketing system that will provide fans greater convenience and security by scanning bar-coded tickets at the Coliseum.

Fans benefit from heightened protection against counterfeit tickets and take advantage of new digital ticketing services,including Trojan Transfers and Print-on-Demand tickets.

“Like most professional venues, USC now scans all tickets at the gates of the Coliseum using a bar-code on the bottom of each ticket to verify admission,” said Debra Duncan, Director of Ticketing at USC. “Scanning helps identify counterfeit and stolen tickets, providing Trojan fans with improved security and service.” . . .

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Trojan Transfers allows season-tickets holders, who encounter scheduling conflicts, to email tickets to another person who then prints out the tickets on-demand. Bar-codes are printed on each transferred ticket and scanners are used at the Coliseum entrance to validate the tickets.

“Fans no longer need to worry about driving across town in traffic, mailing tickets or standing in will call lines in order to transfer tickets to friends or family,” Duncan said. “We are excited to offer our fans new digital ticket services to make it easy to attend games.” …

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