By Alfred Branch, Jr.

Ticketing solutions provider wants to give Facebook users the chance to become ticket brokers.

The Philadelphia, PA-based company has created an application that Facebook users can place in their profiles that gives them the ability to sell up to 5,000 tickets for small, local events at their school or in their town.

Insomniac browser for ticketing professionals

“It seemed like there was a need for it,” said Chris Stanchak, president and CEO of “There are probably millions of events listed on Facebook each year, but there was no way for members to sell tickets to them.”

Users can find the app on the Facebook applications page. Last month, Live Nation launched a similar “widget” that allows MySpace users to put search and buy links in their profiles. Stanchak said TicketLeap’s offering is geared more toward college students, the bread-and-butter of Facebook, to allow them to sell tickets to their own events.

TicketLeap doesn’t restrict the type of event that users can sell tickets to, but caps the price of tickets sold to $200. The company charges a small percentage fee for each ticket sold, or no less than $2 per ticket.

Stanchak said that current users of TicketLeap can also sell tickets their events to Facebook users.

“We don’t have a specific number in mind for how many users we hope use the app, but there could be geometric growth,” Stanchak said. advertisement