A boycott by angry merchandise sellers on ebay was scheduled to begin today in protest of some changes the online auction company is planning....

A boycott by angry merchandise sellers on ebay was scheduled to begin today in protest of some changes the online auction company is planning.

Beginning Wed., Feb. 20, eBay will significantly lower the fee to list items on the site for U.S. sellers, in an effort to get sellers to list more items, but the company will charge more once an item is sold. The changes in the fee structure have upset some sellers who believe it could result in them having to pay out more to the company.

In addition, ebay is also planning to change the way feedback is handled, and sellers will not be able to leave comments for buyer, and only feedback for transactions for the last 12 months will be visible. The move has some sellers angry that they may become more vulnerable to scammers.

Wendy Sept, spokesperson for ebay, did not return a message seeking comment, but at an event last month ebay President and CEO-elect John Donahoe said the moves are designed to make the buying experience better.

“It is our intention to reward great sellers. Sellers that describe items accurately, ship on time, and ship at a fair price will enjoy preferential pricing and discounts on eBay. We think this will significantly improve the buyer experience overall,” Donahoe said in a statement.

Whether ticket brokers who list tickets on ebay will join in the boycott remains to be seen. The boycott is scheduled to last until Feb. 25, and two brokers TicketNews spoke to said they had no intention of participating in it.

But one broker, Jerry Raynor, owner of Tickets On Time, said he’s not happy that many of the 1,800-plus comments he’s received in 10 years of selling tickets on ebay will disappear. During that time, he’s only received one negative comment, and he has been honored with “Power Seller” status.

“If everyone has to play by the same rules, so be it, but it’s a shame that a lot of that goodwill that was built up over 10 years will disappear,” Raynor said. “That’s not easy to accomplish, and I wonder whether people will understand what it means that feedback will only go back one year.”

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By Alfred Branch Jr.

  • Anonymous

    February 20, 2008 #1 Author

    I dont know if this will or wont help anyone but I dug this up, I remember catching it on Digg.com or something.


  • BILL

    February 20, 2008 #2 Author

    I have been on Ebay as a seller for almost exactly 10 years. I am a power seller and I have seen the constant drum beat of Ebay sucks for almost a decade. Each time there was a change, the hackles came out and the boycotts were either done or threatened. Ebay does not, has not and will not care about the sellers. When Pierre dumped the business and the bottom feeders took over the spiral down began. Meg Whitman was an absolute idiot, the staff in it’s entirety at Ebay are idiots and it will remain that way. Ebay hasn’t figured out that without sellers there certainly will be no buyers, but the stupid kids running the place are too high to care. I mean look at what they won’t permit, German war items by and large are not permitted, but Japanese items can be listed all day long. You can’t list certain items that might infringe on some stupid company’s old trademark, but you can sell all the porno you want. They are stupid and if Google would come up with a good model they could beat the jerks back under the rocks they came from. But until someone does, Ebay is the only game in town. Adjust your fees and sell your junk. There is no alternative right now.

  • Anonymous

    February 20, 2008 #3 Author

    Use ForsalebyFans.com its broker friendly and Free to everyone. You don’t have to worry about getting flagged like craigslist ether. FSBF.org

  • ForSaleByFans

    February 20, 2008 #4 Author

    Use ForsalebyFans.com its broker friendly and Free to everyone. You don’t have to worry about getting flagged like craigslist ether. FSBF.org


  • Anonymous

    February 21, 2008 #5 Author

    awesome – I need another place that’s easy to sell fake versace on. Ebay’s new rules make it easy for buyers to rat me out. This place looks awesome though – I’m glad there are a lot of places like this because Ebay’s new policies pretty much eliminate all me and my chinese sweatshop friends from selling our goods there anymore. Keep these places posted…we’re coming your way.

  • Anonymous

    February 21, 2008 #6 Author

    Thanks for posting this. Man I’ve been looking for something like this. I sell “authentic” 😉 😉 Louis V purses and I’m about to get hit hard with Ebay’s policies. Also I like to charge like $30+ shipping and tack on extra at the end. I’m sick of Buyers being able tell others about me through feedback. This looks awesome. I bet there are millions of buyers here too. Can’t wait to list my bags!

  • Anonymous

    February 21, 2008 #7 Author

    Respect your opinion – up yours, you junkyard dog scavenger reseller! (This is satirical for those that don’t get out much). You don’t know the first thing about Ebay and how they screw sellers. Here’s a story: In 1997 I had this killer online store that was costing me a lot of money in ads and upkeep, but it was awesome. I must have had 10,000 page hits a day and was selling all kinds of items like comics to appliances and making money!!! Oh man I was bringing it in! Then I found Ebay. I thought to myself – I know I have my own store and I’m doing well and people are Yahooing me all the time – I’m making so much money it can only get better – but Ebay seems to be a place I might can get a little more exposure and more of that community feel instead of the commercialist that I’ve turned into with my big money making online store selling all kinds of stuff. So I tried it and I liked it – they pulled in a handful of more visitors to their site than I was getting on mine – so it seemed worth it. Plus I could rat out buyers with negative feedback against buyers if didn’t like my high shipping charges with two weeks plus delivery or my cash only no paypal policy (which I was forced to change damn it). Sometimes I came across questionably authentic brand name items, and at my store it was hard for me to sell them because people could tell I wasn’t allowed to re-sell for luxury items. Here though, I could totally not worry about that. If a buyer got my Gucci sunglasses and said they weren’t real, I could totally blast that jerk with negative feedback. Also, people just thought Ebay had a good reputation and so I didn’t have to maintain a merchant account and pay their ridiculous fees to process credit cards. I couldn’t believe when I had my own store the merchant processors, they rated ME – a well established highly known online store – as “high risk” – charging me 5% plus $.50 a transaction and more if my vloume wasn’t high enough – which was unusual – cause like I said I was raking it in. Anyway – Paypal wasn’t MUCH lower, but it was lower – and I could now sell my goods internationally and accept foreign currency. This was cool because I knew if any international buyer was unhappy there was nothing they could do. So I saw some slight advantages. Not much mind you but some slight advantages, so I tried it out and have tried my hardest to stay with Ebay for years. Ive done okay – seriously though it’s hard to analyze whether or not I would’ve been better off with my own online store. If I’d have kept it up I think I would probably be number one or two on Google search pages. Now ebay has gone and raised their fees. What they fail to see is that it is ME, Yes I am supporting Ebay – I am the reason Ebay exists. If it wasn’t for me being able to hawk stuff I buy for 50% off and resell it for 1% off retail plus my high S&H fees to make up for Ebay’s / paypal’s fees to newbie suckers – man I’d have left a long time ago. Now though – Wheeeeeeeeew – I don’t know if I can write without turning red in the face. Upping their fees – Don’t talk about the BS discounts or even the volume discounts to high sellers that I probably qualify for and will actually have total fee reduction. I don’t want to hear it. Don’t talk about how more buyers will finally feel safe to buy from Ebay and that will increase auction values. Buyers Buyers Buyers – Blah Blah Blah! I’m so sick about hearing how the poor saps, I mean buyers, don’t feel like their getting the Ebay experience they originally had. That they feel Ebay is just an easy place for sellers to hawk overpriced fake goods and hold buyers to the purchase. That’s all I hear from Ebay. What about me ,the seller ?!!! – I’m the reason Ebay exists in the first place! Did they not see my store before I came on board – Idiots! Corporate pawns of the shareholders, all they want to do is make money and get their stock to go up. Hey I’ve been making a living scalping tix and hawking stuff here for a long time – they want to talk about making money – they should look at my feedback – come talk to me – I’ll show you how. – I’m gone though. My store is officially re-opening and I expect it to be at the top of all Google’s search pages in the next month, possibly in days since I’ll be scouring the net posting comments with my store’s address: http://www.members.aol.com/freesite/I-dont-wanna-pay-ebay-anymore/if-i-dont-like-u-as-a-buyer-ill-reportit/

  • Anonymous

    February 22, 2008 #8 Author

    Call ebay corp. headquarters.The presidents phone # is 1-800-322-9266 extension 52935.
    call to complain to them in person.tie up their lines.The call is free.

  • Anonymous

    February 25, 2008 #9 Author

    What’s with these weird spammy parody comments about fake purses? I’m an eBay buyer (mainly vintage and one of a kind clothing) and it’s a pipe dream to think that the changes being discussed here will drive counterfit designer goods and excessive shipping charges off the site. They will, however, drive away the people that sell the quirky, cool stuff I like to buy and wear–and I honestly would like to know where they’re going, so I can continue to buy from them. Without the small, fun seller, eBay loses a lot of its charm.

  • cmccune04 or clay’s collection.com

    February 21, 2008 #10 Author

    Ebay is just another example of greedy corporations, I don’t think I will ever sell or buy from them again. See all the Sellers that I have talked to have said that they buy lots of stuff on ebay as well as myself! Ebay will get what they have coming! I have faith and know what goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    February 19, 2008 #11 Author

    OK, let’s clarify the facts. eBay’s insertion fee decrease is nothing close to ‘significant.’ In fact, it is a decrease of less than 10 cents for the most common auctions, and a max of 80 cents on the ones with high listing fees. As a result, the final value fees have been jacked up to more than compensate for this paltry decrease in listing fees.

    Also, eBay themselves said they are trying to improve the buyer experience. What about the seller? eBay seems to think their site would only operate with customers, but the buyers are who pay their fees. Customers pay NOTHING to eBay. I’m not saying eBay should be entirely pro-seller, but the balance has to be equal, and with this whole one-sided feedback BS policy, it certainly is not. I am going to be closing my eBay store and using other venues to move the bulk of my inventory after the baseball rush ends in March. I certainly hope other brokers do the same.

  • Joel Peck

    February 19, 2008 #12 Author

    First, let me say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I respect yours, so please, try to respect mine. I am making the transition from being a “hobby seller” to making my Ebay sales a regular source of income. Ebay has been a perfect example of the open market system the U.S. economy is based on & when I went to college, if Ebay & the internet would have existed, using Ebay as an example would have more clearly helped me understand the basics of the laws of supply & demand. Ebay has helped a lot of people make $$$ they would have never thought possibe by selling “what others consider junk.” I consider Ebay more of a marketing firm/agency that promotes my products & I pay them a % of my sales for their service. If someone else can offer me better results for less of a %, then I would be happy to change services, and can easily do so because of no long term contract or lease or staff that I have to consider. I live in a rural area in the Midwest and you can’t go to auctions, rummage sales, the post office, etc., without seeing so many other people being there for the same reason. Ebay raising their rates may be cutting into our profits, but the market that Ebay has created that has caused a higher demand for re-sellable goods is the true cause for the reduction in profit; in my opinion. I will stand behind Ebay until another entity can offer me the same service.

  • GoGo

    February 19, 2008 #13 Author

    Until you go full time I don’t think you have a clue. If your selling junk you pick up for free on the side of the road then who cares about fees. Once you go full time and start buying your product, filtering out salvage items, adding in relisting fees on top of paypal fees you will see this hike is going to knock alot of people out of the box, both sellers and buyers.

    In the very short run the hike will get passed onto the buyer because I’m not going to eat them. What happens when the ipod speakers I sell are the same price as the online discounters? Buyers will move away from ebay and go back to discounters and in turn you’ll get eaten alive relisting your stuff.

    It seems small now, nickel here, dime there, paypal fee on a $60 item there.

    fleabay is paving the way to get rid of small time sellers to make way for the top power sellers. After all, the meeting before the hike was catered to the top 200.

    The stinger is the revamp of the feedback system.

    I just know google is sitting back watching this, waiting for the right time to pounce.
    And when they do, look out, it will be a whole new game

    mid level P.S.

  • Anonymous

    February 19, 2008 #14 Author

    Where is Google Auctions?!? I’m ready to make the switch…

  • Jack

    February 19, 2008 #15 Author

    I have been a Powerseller for some time now and as anyone who has sold much on eBay can say there are just enough problem buyers to ruin every sellers reputation. eBay has always let us sellers have the power to equal the scales with those buyers. If we no longer can do that then seller ratings will plummet and not because all sellers are bad but because it does not take that many people that leave a negative feedback because their package arrived a day later than they thought it should or the used item had one more minor scratch than what was described. Those buyers and more exist and have not destroyed sellers feedback because they had a clear understanding of how they would feel if their reputation was destroyed. Now they will not understand as their reputation cannot be tarnished even if it deserves to be.
    Buyers confidence will soon plummet and they will pay less or not buy at all. If that was not enough of a kick in the teeth for sellers eBay also decided to throw in a couple more kicks to the head for good measures namely lowering sellers items in the search if (when) their rating goes down & holding payments taken through Paypal for up to 21 days or longer if the buyer files any kind of dispute even if it is unfounded.
    To all of the sellers that sell used, vuntage & antique items and sell them “as is”, Paypal will always refund the buyers money if they file a claim. eBay wants sellers to be powerless. They do not care if we make any money. They have made fortunes already. In fact according to MSNBC news the top execs have sold off hundreds of millions of dallars in eBay stock in the past 4 months. i gues they must have been late on a car payment or something right?
    The only way I have found for sellers to protect their reputation and maintain the balance that has always existed is a site called http://www.AFTERTHEGAVEL.com. It was developed by a Professor of computer science and allows Sellers & only Sellers to leave neutral & Negative feedback for buyers. With enough seller participation this can rebalnce the scales some.
    If you are an eBay seller like me then you really should check this site out.

  • john edwards

    February 19, 2008 #16 Author

    I think i found the solution to this ebay thing. i was surfing the net yesterday and came across a new/free ticket marketplace.
    I do not think the site has been around for for very long. The site is http://www.livestub.com. It seems pretty legit, i did a google search for livestub and found a boatload of articles about LiveStub.
    I am going to miss the old days of ebay power sellers but maybe it is time to find a new solution