The Atlanta Braves have announced a season ticketing policy that they claim is a first in professional sports in North America. While the Detroit Tigers have run into trouble with their season ticket packages, the Braves are set to draw increased demand for their season tickets.

The new SplitSeason ticketing package allows fans to create groups online to manage the sharing of a season ticket package. Since so many fans already split season tickets, this will only make the process easier for fans. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the Braves got the idea for their innovative program from some San Francisco Giants fans. The Giants started using the program for existing season ticket holders, but the Braves are the first to roll it out to new fans.

Members of the SplitSeason pool will be able to conduct a draft like in fantasy sports. Instead of drafting their preferred players, the fans pick their preferred tickets. They can indicate if they prefer tickets for certain days or against certain teams to create an automatic list of games they would prefer. Additionally, at draft time, users can have the system automatically pick games for them, or can pick just what games they wish to get tickets for.

With current specials, such as the buy two season tickets, get two free offer, the Braves should see the purchase of additional season tickets. The Braves dynasty of the 1990s is becoming a memory for fans, so the team is trying to attract more season tickets purchases.

Of course, with more fans holding season tickets will come more opportunities for these ticket holders to resell their tickets. Thus, there should be growth in the secondary ticket market for Braves games, as well as increased attendance.

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