Less than a year ago, Missouri legalized ticket resale, but the legislation was passed prior to the Hannah Montana crisis. So, in light of the public outcry surrounding the inability for parents and teens to get tickets to the hottest concert in the country, Missouri state legislator Roy Salva is looking to pass new legislation that would once again make it illegal to scalp tickets within the Show Me State.

Rather than focusing on the technology that allegedly allowed scalpers access to large numbers of tickets, as several other states have, Salva places the blame for the ticketing crisis squarely on the backs of brokers, who he believes snap up inordinate numbers of tickets, drive up the prices and gauge consumers.

A hearing for the bill was scheduled to be heard today, April 22, with Salve urging those who were affected by the Hannah Montana debacle to attend and present their personal stories. Currently, the only restriction on Missouri ticket resale is that when reselling tickets outside of a venue, the seller must have a state-issued license.

In a similar case, Connecticut, which also legalized ticket resale last year, is seeking to place restrictions on the resale of tickets in an attempt to prevent venues from withholding blocks of tickets from consumers. In addition to the use of online technologies, the withholding of tickets also contributed to the ticketing controversy surrounding Hannah Montana concerts, and led to organizers releasing thousands of tickets to head off some of the public relations nightmare. So far, Salva’s bill does not address this issue.

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