TicketNetwork has launched a new Legal News Forum, an information portal, found exclusively in the TicketNetwork Forum, that hosts the latest information on court battles and news stories on the secondary ticket market.

TicketNetwork Legal News Forum holds authentic court documents from pending cases related to the ticket industry. For example, readers can learn about the following cases:

• Madison Square Garden (Rangers) v. NHL: MSG claims that the NHL is engaged in anti-competitive activities by forcing the Rangers and other member teams to use the www.nhl.com team website as the Rangers’ official site and disallowing MSG from directly contacting Rangers’ fans through its own site. MSG claims that NHL is trying to illegally control all “new media” activities, club trademarks and logos, and branded merchandise. The NHL denies all of these claims.

Class Action Lawsuit Against RMG Technologies et al.: In the class action suit against RMG Technologies, it is alleged that the class of consumers paid artificially inflated prices for tickets from RMG which were purchased initially from Ticketmaster. The inflated prices were allegedly caused by circumventing Ticketmaster’s security measures, created to limit the number of tickets that an individual could purchase.

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• Class Action Lawsuits Against Ticketmaster: Two separate complaints against Ticketmaster involve its alleged violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act regarding credit card information storage and deceptive sale of unwanted online coupon services to ticket consumers.

• Ticketmaster v. Designer Tickets: In a heated court battle, Designer Tickets has filed a counterclaim alleging that Ticketmaster is engaged in anti-competitive conduct through its monopoly of the primary ticket market. Ticketmaster has moved to dismiss Designer Tickets’ counterclaim.

Andra Mazur, a Juris Doctorate and Compliance & Exchange Director for TicketNetwork, monitors the forum and said it will help brokers “stay ahead of the curve” and allow them to be able to adjust and accommodate to changing ticket sale and re-sale regulations.

“This will help brokers maintain an advantage over those who have to play catch-up after a change in the law has already occurred,” Mazur said. “TicketNetwork is trying to maintain an avenue where our brokers can stay informed and prepared regarding legal updates. We hope they will use it to become more knowledgeable, better brokers.”

The forum is only available to TicketNetwork employees and ticket brokers who are TicketNetwork Point-of-Sale and/or TicketBoard Pro users. For more information, visit the TicketNetwork website. TicketNetwork is the parent company of TicketNews.

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