Exhibitors were front and center at the 2008 edition of Ticket Summit at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. From new ticket web sites to customer service and fraud protection, companies were able to network and gain information about other aspects of the ticketing industry.

“It was thrilling to have a sold-out exhibition hall at this year’s Ticket Summit,” Molly Martinez, Executive Director of Ticket Summit 2008, told TicketNews. “With vendors spanning across all dimensions of the ticketing and entertainment industry, attendees were able to benefit from a wide range of unique product offerings.”

The conference, which is in its third year, once again improved having 22 different exhibitors and a brand new floor plan.

“The layout of this year’s exhibition hall was conducive to a great learning environment,” said Brian Satran, director of Suites & Seats. “You could actually look around the room and see all the new products and exhibitors.”

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Once people entered the exhibition hall they were greeted by TicketNetwork’s main booth, which demoed the companies Point-of-Sale software for brokers. Next to them was the largest, and most intimidating, booth which was presented by yoonew, the industry’s first real-time trading platform for tickets and ticket derivatives. Those two were surrounded by the multitudes of other companies each offering something new and different.

With more than 450 brokers and ticket industry professionals roaming the exhibition hall, the exhibitors had the chance to spread the word on why their products were valuable to the industry. Dean Macchi, president of That’s My Ticket a company that specializes in unique sports and concert ticket displays, told TicketNews he took a lot from being exhibitors at this year’s conference.

“The contacts made are knowledgeable and open to exploring creative ways to work together. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that many of the other exhibitors had related products and services worth partnering with,” he said. “I look forward to developing these relationships as well as exhibiting at the next Ticket Summit.”

TicketNetwork recently announced a new Ticket Summit in New York City which will take place January 6-8 at the Waldorf=Astoria. In addition Ticket Summit 2009 in Las Vegas will once again be held at Venetian, July 15-17.

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