Although not much has been heard of independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader since he declared his candidacy for president in the upcoming election, musicians are lining up to participate at some of his presidential rallies.

Speakers, performers and celebrity supporters are still being confirmed but so far the list includes Ike Reilly, Jello Biafra, Nellie McKay, Val Kilmer, Tom Morello and Cindy Sheehan.

The independent presidential campaign of Nader and Matt Gonzalez, Nader’s running mate, has scheduled what it is billing as Super Rallies in both Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The rallies are a call for opening the presidential debates.

On August 27, during the Democratic National Convention, Nader will hold a Super Rally for as many as 7,000 people at the University of Denver’s Magness Arena. Then, on September 4, Nader will hold a second similar rally at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis during the Republican National Convention.

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

For both rallies, donations are $10 in advance and $13 at the door.