A little more than a week after his car accident, Deftones bassist Chi Cheng is still in a coma, but is in stable condition and expected to recover.

“The critical 72 hours has passed and his condition is stable,” vocalist Chino Moreno wrote on the Deftones’s official blog update earlier this week. “His doctor is expecting a recovery but wants to continue to sedate him and keep him quiet. He was trying to fight even in his coma.”

In the days following the accident, Cheng’s bandmates and mother Jeanne have used the blog to post regular health updates and communicate with fans.

According to these daily posts, the 38-year-old has been responding positively to reflex tests and voice commands given by the family over the week. Additionally, the musician can now breathe on his own, but remains hooked up to respirators to control his breathing.

Cheng’s friends and family also revealed that three off-duty EMTs were the first to respond to the scene after the accident, an act that they credit with the bassist’s survival. “It was by the Grace of God that these three individuals happened to be traveling on the road with medical gear in tow at the time of the accident,” the band stated. “If not for them, the chances of Chi making to the hospital alive would have been poor.”

To help with Cheng’s recovery, his mother is making daily suggestions of good deeds fans can complete in his memory. Recent suggestions have included donating unwanted items to charity, carefully thinking through each decision made throughout the day, and calling friends and family to say “I love you.”