Initial interest for Super Bowl tickets may have been slow, but according to StubHub demand has picked up.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are considered a decided favorite over the Arizona Cardinals, which is going to the big game for the first time in its history, and both facts may have contributed to the weak early response for the game.

But according to Joellen Ferrer, manager of corporate communications for StubHub, demand has picked up considerably on the site.

“Already, Super Bowl XLIII has sold more actual tickets than any other Super Bowl ticket we have had on the site. Additionally, more than double the number of tickets have been purchased compared to this time last year, resulting in dollar volume sales up more than 40 percent year over year,” she said.

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Because the early reaction to the game was at best lukewarm, prices have remained relatively low, which means bargains for excited fans, despite money being tight for some due to the poor economy. On, parent company of TicketNews, tickets were selling for between $1,468 and $8,955 a piece, while on StubHub tickets were selling for between $1,599 and $9999 each.

The average ticket price for this year’s Super Bowl is about $1,000 less than last year’s game between the victorious New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

“The economic conditions have played quite a role in the pricing, and fans will be rewarded with one of the most affordable Super Bowls we have seen,” Ferrer said. “With so many tickets still available, fans that may have felt priced out in past years can certainly find a wide range of tickets that will be priced competitively and within reason.”

On TicketNetwork sister Web site, eight-person luxury suites for the game were selling for between $61,000 and $75,000, while 16-person luxury suites were selling for $112,000 and $180,000. A 36-person suite was selling for $325,000.

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