“New features will allow ticket buyers to purchase and redeem tickets using mobile phones and smartphones”

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, January 7, 2009 – TicketBiscuit LLC today announced a suite of new features that will provide event organizers and venues with web pages optimized for viewing on mobile and smart phones, and will give their customers the ability to purchase tickets via these mobile-optimized web pages. The new features will be offered free to new and existing clients of the TicketBiscuit, WhistleTix, and BattlePass ticketing systems.

Recently published studies from market analysis firm Juniper Research indicate that 400 million mobile subscribers worldwide will embrace mobile ticketing by 2013, although the technology will be slow to adopt due to some key technological hurdles. For example, no clear standards have emerged in bar code scanning and the existing options are quite expensive. This makes investment in mobile infrastructure a risky proposition for venues and promoters.

TicketBiscuit CEO Jeff Gale said the new mobile features being launched today will allow clients to stay on the leading edge of technology without the need to invest anything. When mobile surfers hit TicketBiscuit-powered pages on a client’s web site, they will be automatically directed to a portal optimized for viewing on their device. From there, visitors can search events, see event details, and even purchase tickets. Buyers can then elect to print their tickets later or simply redeem them at will call with a special code. “This is a great no-risk introduction to mobile ticketing for our clients. As standards emerge in mobile bar code scanning, we’ll be able to add that piece seamlessly as well.” Gale said.

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Gale added that in the short term the mobile optimized web pages may be more attractive to clients than the ticketing system. “By this time next year mobile presence will be as important as online presence in the live entertainment space. With TicketBiscuit Mobile Ticketing, we’ll automatically give our clients a mobile presence that looks and works great on devices from those old clamshells to the sleek new devices like the Apple iPhone and Blackberry Storm. The ticketing system component is just a bonus at this point, but it will become more important as people get more used to transacting over mobile devices.”

About TicketBiscuit, LLC: TicketBiscuit provides online ticketing systems and innovative promotional and marketing solutions to hundreds of venues and promoters nationwide. With system enhancements and new features added every two weeks, the company never stops innovating to help clients sell more tickets. For more information about TicketBiscuit, please visit www.ticketbiscuit.com.


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