“Ticket Broker Website Software”

Plymouth, NH (SEO WebWorks) March 6, 2009 – SEO WebWorks is proud to be launching Ticket Website HQ, software developed for ticket broker websites. SEO WebWorks has been in the ticket industry for the past several years with a successful ticket website known as Front Row King.

Ticket Website HQ allows users to easily add and modify content on their website as well as creating SEO friendly pages built to rank. The software comes with outstanding customer service and support. With this software, brokers can know that they have a great foundation and starting point to drive in more online ticket sales.

Ticket Website HQ offers several packages catering to different types of brokers’ needs.

Package one includes the framework of the site, template and admin panel which allows the broker to add custom content at their own liesure.

Package two is designed around brokers focused on a particular area or niche market. This includes all local venues, teams and events with all the benefits of package one.

Package three is a full blown ticket website featuring tickets to all the major events across the country as well as the package one features.

We believe this new technology is an extreme value to brokers and will help anybody in the ticket industry create a strong online foundation. We priced this to be appealing for ticket brokers in today’s economy.

Key Features:
-Creating and managing pages is simple with just a click
-Naming of the pages will give long term SEO value
-The template is very SEO friendly
-Every Template will be customized so no 2 templates will be the same
-Outstanding customer service and support

At Ticket Website HQ, we have learned the ticket industry inside and out as well as the software behind it and we are now proud to offer our software to you. For more details, please visit the website or contact us.

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Anthony LaMonica
Project Manager / Customer Service