About 8,300 fans of the legendary Aerosmith will be receiving free tickets to see the band later this year as part of a settlement the band has reached in a lawsuit over a canceled concert in Maui two years ago.

The band, which has a major tour lined up for this summer with ZZ Top, will perform a single concert in Maui as part of the settlement, most likely in the fall after the tour. In addition, the band is expected to reimburse fans’ out-of-pocket expenses for travel and other costs.

Plaintiffs in the case, who successfully had the lawsuit given class action status, claimed the band canceled a September 2007 Maui concert for more lucrative shows that month in Chicago and later in Oahu for a private concert for Toyota dealers. The band claimed logistical problems prevented them from flying equipment from the mainland to Hawaii to make both the Chicago show and the scheduled Maui one.

The aggrieved fans estimated damages of close to $3 million as a result of the canceled show, including travel, hotel, fees and other related expenses. How much the band will pay for the fans’ expenses is unknown.

Attempts to reach the Hawaii-based attorneys in the case, Brandee Faria for the plaintiffs and Jay Handlin for Aerosmith, were unsuccessful. The band received an estimated $1.25 million for the private show in Oahu.

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“Everyone who bought a ticket to the original concert will receive a free ticket, and all out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed regardless of the amount,” Faria told the Associated Press.

In a statement to AP, Handlin said the band is happy to put the matter behind them. “The band is about the music. So they are glad to be able to resolve this in a way that really focuses on connecting or reconnecting the people of Hawaii with the band and its music.”