Tickets to more than 40 of Miley Cyrus’s concerts that went on sale yesterday are still available for purchase from Ticketmaster and ComcastTix. Only one show, Cyrus’s first show in Newark, NJ on November 7, was completely sold out. This morning, lower-level seats were available from Ticketmaster and ComcastTix for Cyrus’s performances in Boston, MA on November 9 and in Portland, OR on September 14, respectively. (Refer to the accompanying screenshots below.)

In 2007, Cyrus’s concerts sold out immediately and her tickets appeared on several secondary market sites for resale, such as StubHub and TicketNetwork. Cyrus introduced paperless ticketing in an effort to give more fans an opportunity to purchase tickets to her shows. A few industry experts think this strategy backfired.

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StubHub spokesperson Sean Pate told TicketNews that “less that 18 months ago Miley Cyrus was the hottest live touring act in America. She continues to be a rising star in the music world. However it seems based on the early returns of onsales that paperless only ticketing policy for this tour has only served as a deterrent for her fans.”

Don Vaccaro, CEO of TicketNetwork, told TicketNews that “consumers stayed away from paperless tickets in part because of convenience and logistic issues.” Vaccaro added that “Frontline management’s marriage to Ticketmaster may have cost Miley dearly. It appears as Miley’s managers made a decision to benefit TicketMaster while sacrificing Miley. This could be a career ending situation for Miley’s singing career.”

Wolfgang's Vault - PostersStandard ticket purchases for Last week, TicketNews reported that Miley Cyrus was scalping her own tickets through the site, which could be another reason why her tickets sales turned to deadwood. Vaccaro said that “the public felt betrayed. First, Miley claimed that paperless ticketing would stop scalping; then the public found out that was selling $79 tickets in a package for $295.”

A solo tour without the Disney name behind her might be another explanation for Cyrus’s lack of success this time. “Without the Hannah Montana Brand and the Jonas Brothers (who were on the first tour) it appears as if Miley doesn’t have a fan base as large as event producers predicted,” Vaccaro added.

Industry experts are now left to question the future of FrontLine, Cyrus’s management company. Vaccaro asked: “With Steven Tyler of Aerosmith leaving FrontLine, will other artists follow?”

Jeff Frasco, Miley Cyrus’s agent at the Creative Artist Agency in Beverly Hills, CA, did not respond to requests for comment.

Miley Cyrus tickets still available from Ticketmaster. Screenshot taken June 14, 2009.

Miley Cyrus tickets still available from ComcastTix. Screenshot taken June 14, 2009.