Because of the restrictions placed on paperless ticketing, individuals hoping to buy Miley Cyrus tickets as a gift for a friend or family member might be out of luck if they can’t personally chaperone their young guests. But for fans who want to buy and immediately transfer their tickets, there could be another, albeit more expensive, option.

The Disney singer’s VIP ticket packages, sold exclusively through, allow ticket buyers to designate someone else as the intended ticket recipient. Unlike standard paperless tickets, the VIP package is verified at the venue doors by this personally selected “attendee” name rather than the order’s credit card billing information.

The freedom to designate a different person for ticket pick-up comes at a price, though. The VIP packages, which feature a seat within the first 25 rows along with tour merchandise and access to a pre-show party, are priced at $295 apiece.

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Customers access the VIP sale with a tour password, which can be requested on the site and is sent out immediately via e-mail. After logging in and selecting the concert they’d like to reserve tickets for, they are required to enter an attendee’s name and contact information. However, the form simply states that this must be the “person picking up tickets,” and allows separate billing information to be entered later on.

The attendee’s name is printed on the order confirmation generated at the end of the process, and it is that name that must correspond with the VIP packages on the day of the show. The attendee must still present a valid ID before entering with his or her guests, but the arrangement affords more leeway in the event of ticket gifting, especially for young fans without their own credit cards.

“Please print out this email and bring it with you to the show,” reads a notice on the order confirmations for Miley Cyrus VIP packages. “You must bring a valid photo ID matching [the] attendee name on this order. Those who cannot present a photo ID matching the attendee name on the order will be turned away!”

Wolfgang's Vault - PostersStandard ticket purchases for Cyrus’s upcoming North American tour are exclusively paperless, a system that requires ticket buyers to swipe the credit card linked to the order and present a matching photo ID on the day of the show. The paperless process drew complaints from some customers who couldn’t buy tickets because they would be unable to attend the concert with the intended recipient of the tickets.

The perception that Miley Cyrus is “scalping” her best tickets upset the parents of young Cyrus fans who would be shut out because of the price. Don Vaccaro, president and CEO of TicketNews’s parent company TicketNetwork, noted that by offering separate VIP sales, Cyrus is “leaving her true fans without access to some of the best tickets.”