There are news reports that the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, who have a six-to-eight year waiting list for season tickets, are imposing seat limits – including those held by longtime season ticket holders.

Canada’s CBC News reported that Kingsley Bailey, who re-sells event tickets through his business Vancouver Ticket Services, said “he’s been told he won’t be allowed to renew 20 out of the 24 Canucks season tickets he holds.” Bailey said he’s been supporting the Canucks since 1995.

CKNW, an AM radio station in Vancouver, reported that Canucks staff are not confirming they are taking back tickets currently held by “scalpers,” but the team is said to have issued a statement denouncing the re-sale of tickets for profit. The radio station also wrote, “[The Canucks say] most of the seven thousand season ticket holders only have two each….with three thousand people currently on the waiting list.”

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Canucks officials did not respond to TicketNews’s request for comment.

In the CBC story, it was reported that “it’s not just ticket brokers being affected. One man told CBC News he had to give back six seats that he had been saving for his children and grandchildren. He didn’t want to go on the record for fear the Canucks would take away the four season tickets he has left.”

On the Canuck’s tickets Web site page, the first thing you see is “Canucks Full, Half Season, 15 and 11-game Ice Paks are sold out and the season ticket base for General Motors Place has been capped at 17,000.”