Internet pioneer Yahoo is scheduled to sponsor a panel presentation next month at Ticket Summit Las Vegas. The conference, which runs from July 15-17 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, welcomes Yahoo to the list of presenters for the very first time this year. Andy Cotten, senior sales manager for Yahoo Search Marketing and Display Advertising, will participate in a panel entitled “PPC Strategy and Beyond”, scheduled for July 16.

In a recent interview with TicketNews, Cotten described three major areas that he hopes to explore in his talk. First up is the new technology that can make for more streamlined and powerful advertising. “Some of the new features [found in Yahoo Search Marketing] are targeting capabilities based on age, gender, geography and also time of day. I’ll give [the audience] an update on these Yahoo Search Marketing tools and the strategies to use them.” Basically, these tools help to increase an advertiser’s control over its campaigns and sharpen its focus on the market, affording greater ability to structure campaigns than in the past, to hone in more specifically on the target audience, and to spend advertising dollars more effectively.

Cotten is eager to join the team of presenters at next month’s Ticket Summit. “I think [Ticket Summit is] a great venue. I have been involved in a number of ticket-related campaigns…and I felt like this was a great opportunity for us to educate the group on why our tools are the key to the success of our businesses. Other folks will be joining me [at the Summit] to help field and answer questions. I’m looking forward to meeting a number of people in one-on-one sessions before or after my session.”

The presentation next will touch on the ways in which these tools may be implemented in the marketplace. “I plan to talk about some basic strategies in terms of what we’re seeing in the ticket space, and where [companies decide] to compete on a national or a regional basis,” he said.

An added feature of the new Yahoo Search Marketing system is more efficient and focused reporting on ad campaigns, giving advertisers more useful data which they can then use to adjust their campaign or to inform future ones.

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Finally, Cotten would like to share the details of a new ad strategy for those already using the PPC (pay per click) system. “We’re…seeing a lot of success with advertisers tapping into our performance-based display advertising network. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of success from similar types of advertisers running display campaigns which [previously] have been exclusively PPC clients.” He believes that the effectiveness of this new system will only continue to attract more advertisers who have used PPC in the past.