Aerosmith has cancelled its August 7 show following the August 5 stage fall taken by frontman Steven Tyler as he entertained the crowd during a sound system failure.

According to brief statements (or “tweets”) posted by guitarist Joe Perry’s wife Billie on the social networking site Twitter, there is no word on when the group will resume its tour. The band’s Web site advises fans, “Stay tuned — we will let you know what we know, as soon as we know it.”

Beginning August 7, Aerosmith was scheduled to begin a string of Canadian shows.

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Following his fall on Wednesday evening, Tyler was taken to a hospital with minor head and neck injuries and a shoulder injury.

“He hit his head and back. No concusion [sic], stitches in head n back near shoulder. Broken shoulder. Yes he is very sore. We were all worried,” Perry tweeted, adding a bit later, “Once he left, it was difficult [sic] for people to contact one another due to bad cell service it made things even worse.”