Aerosmith, still one of rock’s biggest bands more nearly 40 years into its career, is reportedly careening toward a cliff professionally and possibly facing further legal hassles in the wake of its recently cancelled tour.

At the conclusion of the tour, the band was slated to perform a make-up date in Hawaii as part of its settlement with fans who were jilted when the band reneged on playing a September 2007 show there.

But with the tour cancelled, and singer Steven Tyler recovering from head and shoulder injuries and reportedly at odds with other band members, when that date will be made up is anyone’s guess, and that has the attorney who brought the original lawsuit primed to go back into court.

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“Part of their court settlement was to do a performance in Hawaii at the conclusion of this tour and under the terms of the settlement, Aerosmith is committed to come here,” Hawaii-based attorney Brandee Faria was quoted in wire reports.

Tyler, according to the Boston Herald, might not be in shape to perform anytime soon as the singer, who has battled substance abuse problems in the past, may have fallen off the wagon hard, which might have led to the fall that injured him.

Wolfgang's Vault - Get SkinnedThe situation with Tyler has reportedly angered his fellow bandmates to the point that they may refuse to perform until he becomes sober. Even then, he has become such a difficult artist to insure for a tour that the band may be sidelined for weeks, months or even longer.

Recent videos and pictures of the 61-year-old Tyler looking gaunt and frail have also popped up on the Internet, leading to further speculation that the singer may be in trouble.

In any event, Faria is prepared to go back into court if the band does not honor its obligation to play the show.

“The band’s defense counsel will have to come to court to explain and plead their case,” Faria was quoted as saying.

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