Knoxville, TN ( October 16, 2009 – signed a partnership contract with TicketBiscuit this month that will add a robust ticketing capability to EventBooking’s industry-leading event management and booking software solution.

TicketBiscuit serves more than 250 clients in 400+ venues across the United States with a web-based solution that lets the venue control the fees and own the ticketing process. CEO Jeff Gale says TicketBiscuit’s mission is to provide “the most flexible, powerful, and user-friendly ticketing solution on the planet.”

The software integration of and TicketBiscuit allows participating venues to track real-time ticket sales while logged in to their booking calendar.

ticketflipping provides valuable tools for ticket resale professionals

President and CEO of John Platillero said that offering clients an integrated solution is part of the strategy.

“ wants to offer a ‘dashboard’ of information from all different areas of the venue. Integrating a ticketing solution makes sense so that in real-time, from the calendar itself, a venue can know how ticket sales are doing for each show.”

Platillero added that the ticketing software from TicketBiscuit can be private-labeled “however the venue wants to brand their ticketing system,” giving more control to the venue.

Both and TicketBiscuit are excited about the value that the partnership can bring to one another’s clients.’s booking software scales from one-stage clubs to entire city entertainment districts using a single booking account.’s flexible new program accommodates the different booking styles of single-stage arenas and multiplex convention centers.

TicketBiscuit‘s full-service ticketing solution combines box office software with a comprehensive package of ticket sales and marketing services. Since their inception in 2001, the company has pioneered several innovations in ticketing, including client-controlled fees, client-branded call centers, full website integration, mobile ticketing, and social media marketing.

ticketflipping provides valuable tools for ticket resale professionals

“TicketBiscuit itself is a company that has proven technology and is excited about working with us to develop an integrated solution for their clients and ours,” Platillero said.

The partnership between and TicketBiscuit began with a good experience. Platillero purchased tickets online for a benefit dinner at a local comedy club in Knoxville using TicketBiscuit. The ticket purchase went smoothly, and after reading about the company at Platillero contacted them as a potential partner.

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