Although Wicked (7.22 power score) and Jersey Boys (3.80) hold on to their number one and two spots in TicketNews’s Top Events rankings for...

Although Wicked (7.22 power score) and Jersey Boys (3.80) hold on to their number one and two spots in TicketNews’s Top Events rankings for the week ending December 27, Lady Gaga moves from number six to number three with a 3.05 power score. Michael Bublé also makes an impressive move from his number seven position in the last rankings to number four (2.57) in this weeks. Taylor Swift is knocked down to number five (2.46) from number three, while theater favorite Lion King moves to number six (2.33) from number nine. Maybe in the rankings for the last time (at least until next Christmas), the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is number seven (2.07). Bon Jovi is back in the overall top ten, at number eight (1.69), pulling ahead of George Strait & Reba McEntire (nine, 1.65) and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (ten, 1.57).

Lady Gaga of course has the top concert in the Top Concert Events rankings with a 7.88 power score; other top selling concerts include Carrie Underwood (seven, 3.76), John Mayer (eight, 3.38), and the Black Eyed Peas (nine, 3.31).

Besides the number-one BCS National Championship Game (3.81), NBA teams dominate the spots rankings. The Los Angeles Lakers came in at number two (3.39), followed by the New York Knicks (three, 3.08) and the Boston Celtics (four, 2.81). The Denver Nuggets (seven, 2.34) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (eight, 2.06) also make the sports top ten. With football season winding down, Super Bowl XLIV tickets are already in the sports rankings, at number five (2.52). The Chicago Blackhawks are number six (2.39). One NFL team made it into the top ten: the Dallas Cowboys are number nine (2.02). At number ten, the Winter Classic featuring the Boston Bruins (1.89).

In the theater rankings, “Wicked” (29.38), “Jersey Boys” (16.20), and “Lion King” (9.08) are one, two, and three. Phantom of the Opera is still a popular theater ticket, and that show comes in at number five (3.28), behind Billy Elliot (four, 4.37). The Addams Family is number six (2.90), and Mary Poppins is number seven (2.86). Closing out the theater top ten is Riverdance, with a 1.41 power score.

Top selling Broadway shows include Cirque du Soleil – Wintuk (five, 5.15) and A Little Night Music (six, 2.83). Mamma Mia! is number seven (2.16) and West Side Story is number eight (2.09). The revival South Pacific is number ten (1.31).

Bette Midler has a huge number-one lead (73.70) over her Vegas competition, according to the Top Vegas Events rankings. Number-two Cher’s power score is 5.51 and number-three David Copperfield’s score is 5.44. Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: Love is number four with a 5.17 power score, followed by the Blue Man Group (3.55). Jay Leno moves to number six (2.22) from number ten, while Le Reve re-enters the rankings at number seven (1.93). Barry Manilow slips to number eight (1.34) from his previously held number four spot. Rounding out the Vegas top ten are Jersey Boys (0.72) and Amazing Johnathan (0.36).

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Top Combined Events

Week Ending 12/27/2009

1 Wicked Tickets

2 Jersey Boys Tickets3.80
3 Lady Gaga Tickets3.05
4 Michael Buble Tickets

5 Taylor Swift Tickets2.46
6 Lion King Tickets2.33
7 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets

8 Bon Jovi Tickets1.69
9 George Strait & Reba McEntire Tickets1.65
10 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets1.57

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 12/27/2009

1 Lady Gaga Tickets7.88
2 Michael Buble Tickets

3 Taylor Swift Tickets6.95
4 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets4.96
5 Bon Jovi Tickets

6 George Strait & Reba McEntire Tickets4.65
7 Carrie Underwood Tickets3.76

John Mayer Tickets

9 Black Eyed Peas Tickets3.31
10 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets3.31

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 12/27/2009

1 BCS National Championship Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide Tickets

2 Los Angeles Lakers Tickets3.39
3 New York Knicks Tickets3.08
4 Boston Celtics Tickets

5 Super Bowl XLIV Tickets2.52
6 Chicago Blackhawks Tickets2.39
7 Denver Nuggets Tickets

8 Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets2.06
9 Dallas Cowboys Tickets2.02
10 Winter Classic: Boston Bruins Tickets


Top Theater Events

Week Ending 12/27/2009

1 Wicked Tickets29.38
2 Jersey Boys Tickets16.20
3 Lion King Tickets9.08
4 Billy Elliot Tickets4.37
5 Phantom of the Opera Tickets3.28
6 The Addams Family Tickets2.90
7 Mary Poppins Tickets2.86
8 Cirque du Soleil – Wintuk Tickets2.15
9 Mamma Mia! Tickets1.97
10 Riverdance Tickets1.41

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 12/27/2009

1 Wicked Tickets27.48
2 Jersey Boys Tickets

3 Billy Elliot Tickets9.92
4 Lion King Tickets9.67
5 Cirque du Soleil – Wintuk Tickets

6 A Little Night Music Tickets2.83
7 Mamma Mia! Tickets2.16
8 West Side Story Tickets

9 Phantom of the Opera Tickets1.80
10 South Pacific Tickets1.31

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 12/27/2009

1 Bette Midler Tickets73.30

Cher Tickets

3 David Copperfield Tickets5.44
4 Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets5.17
5 Blue Man Group Tickets3.55
6 Jay Leno Tickets2.22
7 Le Reve Tickets1.93
8 Barry Manilow Tickets1.34
9 Jersey Boys Tickets0.72
10 Amazing Johnathan Tickets0.36