Approximately $80,000 worth of Texas Rangers tickets were reported stolen from a Dallas ticket broker over the weekend, and now the broker is working with the team to cancel the barcodes.

David Christopherson, owner of Metro Tickets, told KTVT-TV that 2,500 tickets to dozens of the team’s upcoming 2011 games were stolen from the company’s office during a smash-and-grab style break-in. The theft, the 12th such incident in the past year at the N. Central Expressway strip mall where Metro Tickets is located, has prompted the broker to look for a new address.

“We’ve already gotten the word out to all the other brokers, the legitimate brokers that we know in Dallas, these were the seats that were stolen,” Christopherson told KTVT-TV. See the video below.

Christopherson and team officials are working to cancel the barcodes to the stolen tickets, rendering them invalid, but some may have already made their way to the resale market, and since they are legitimate, hard-copy tickets, some fans may be fooled if they are unfortunate enough to buy them.

Texas Rangers tickets are currently a hot item. The team, which has experienced lean years and filed for bankruptcy in 2010, broke through last season and got to the World Series where they lost to the San Francisco Giants. advertisement