PRESS RELEASE: “ShoWare Introduces New Features to Ticketing Software Designed to Optimize Sales and Comply with ADA Regulations” FRESNO, Calif. (ShoWare) July 6, 2011...

PRESS RELEASE: “ShoWare Introduces New Features to Ticketing Software Designed to Optimize Sales and Comply with ADA Regulations”

FRESNO, Calif. (ShoWare) July 6, 2011 – ShoWare™ by VisionOne, has launched the latest version of its industry leading ticketing software with new functionality designed to help organizations improve ticket sales through greater control over pricing and promotions, while also helping facilities to comply with new ADA regulations presented in March. This most recent set of product enhancements come as part of a series of innovative features introduced since the beginning of the year, which have helped propel ShoWare to achieve ground-breaking results.

“The ShoWare development team has been working at breakneck speed throughout the first two quarters of 2011 delivering new client-driven features and enhancements, along with revolutionary new features like Facebook ticketing and Facebook channels,” said Joe Wettstead, vice president of sales and marketing for ShoWare. “ShoWare set a new record in March of this year, selling 1.3 million tickets in a single month on the platform domestically and we don’t see this growth slowing anytime soon thanks to these advances in our product.”

Among the new capabilities introduced in ShoWare is price category mapping, which lets venues adjust seat pricing dynamically. The feature empowers users to optimize ticket sales on the fly to more effectively manage sales: for example, lowering prices for sections not selling as quickly as others. Additional new developments in ShoWare provide for more powerful, intelligent promotions for 2-for-1 codes, group sales and family 4-packs.

Another important new feature in ShoWare allows venues to designate ADA seats that are for purchase online or at the box office, which be changed by performance or while tickets are on sale if a venue is in need of additional accessible seats. This added functionality assists venues in complying with new ADA regulations effective March 15, 2011, in which all facilities must adhere to by March 15, 2012.

“ShoWare’s new ADA features allow us to stay up to speed with current laws and provide easy on-line ticket access to those with special needs,” said Aaron Harvey, box office manager for Town Toyota Center. “This latest release also lends us greater flexibility in promotional offers as well as the ability to easily re-price sections that are already on sale, all of which enhances our ability to better serve our patrons and the artists who play our venues.”

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